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Putin`s friends have suffered from crash MF Global

Their companies and banks traded through gone bankrupt broker

Operating bankruptcy of international broker MF Global company KPMG has opened the data about the suffered clients. Among the Russian brokers and funds it has appeared SMP - the bank belonging to Boris and Arcady Rotenbergam, and also Gennady Timchenko`s company Gunvor.

KPMG has published the data including the addresses of the companies and physical persons, and also amount of debt MF Global before them. Among them there were many Russian citizens and firms. Has most strongly suffered SMP - Boris and Arcady Rotenbergov`s bank (at both on 37,2 % of actions of bank), having on the account in MF Global 6,9 million pounds. Zavisli money and at one acquaintance Vladimir Putin — the co-owner of company Gunvor Gennady Timchenko which had the account in the broker on 438 thousand pounds. In SMP - bank and Gunvor have refused comments.

On 282 thousand Pounds the Lebanese bank founded by Gazprombank " has got; Gazprombank invest . Yesterday to receive the Gazprombank comment it was not possible. Also have appeared in a difficult situation and other Russian credit organisations, in particular the Nizhniy Novgorod Ellipse - the bank to which MF Global remained owes to 603 thousand pounds.

Among victims there was a set of clients of the investment companies with the Russian roots and funds. MF Global owe to the Tallinn company KIT Finance Europe of 3,3 million pounds, Diamond Age Russian Investments — 1,9 million pounds, Cyprian to a daughter groups BKS — BrokerCreditService — 1,5 million pounds, Arbat Capital Group — 1 million pounds, Alor Invest — 30 thousand pounds, and also United Capital Partners Russia Fund Ilya ShCherbovicha.

Representatives the WHALE of Finansa Are in contact to committee of creditors and trace all actions, we hopes for the favorable decision of a situation and return of means in full — the general director of the broker " speaks; the WHALE of Finans Alexander Svintsov. General director GK Alor Alexander Kalin has explained that in MF Global zavisli client money. we try to do everything that them to return in the near future — has assured daily g - n Guelder-roses.

From private persons Andrey Rogozin from Malta at which on the account was almost 1 million pounds has most suffered. In list KPMG it has appeared and operating director IFK Metropol Arthur Plaude who held in MF Global the sum of 28 thousand pounds. He has informed daily that the question can dare two ways: As the creditor I stand in a queue before shareholders, and everything that remains, will be divided. There is one more variant: To address in the insurance company in England for insurance compensation, on - to mine, indemnification makes the sum to 50 thousand pounds .

the set of Baltic banks Has suffered also, in particular ABLV Bank held in MF Global almost 8,6 million pounds, Norvik banka and Citadele — almost on 3,2 million pounds everyone, and Rietumu Banka — 181 thousand pounds.