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The personal ecological adviser

tells the Device, how much pure air its user

the American institute RTI International breathes has designed device MicroPEM which before an exit on street runs after and collects the information on cleanliness of air which the person breathes. In addition the device traces level of activity of the owner by means of built in akselerometra.

the Problem which was put before themselves by founders MicroPEM, is rather serious. Within many decades scientists are engaged in air pollution monitoring that it is better to understand how atmospheric pollution influence our health. However the collected data can tell only about quantity and type of harmful substances which are in air, and only as - that oposredovanno can be connected with problems with health at the people living or working in this area. Obtained data speaks nothing about how various kinds of physical activity influence that, how many polluting substances are inhaled by concrete people.

MicroPEM it is called, according to developers, to change game rules in researches of influence of environment to health. During testing MicroPEM examinees sat, stood, went, ran, swept, and it became with one as much as possible applied purpose. We will tell, if you have decided to make morning jog, the personal device can analyse cleanliness of air and your activity. Polluting substances with which you breathed during each moment of time, and degree of physical activity will be fixed. After data processing (it occurs, unfortunately, while in a manual mode, the post factum) in case of critical pollution of air intensively inhaled by you can be learnt that it is not necessary to run here and what whenever possible better in general less often to appear in this area. Whether

commercial version MicroPEM Will be let out, yet is not informed.