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Fat acids will rescue arteries of smokers

the Daily use of two grammes omega - 3 fat acids positively influence walls of arteries of smokers. Such data was received by the Greek scientists during the research about influence of polynonsaturated fat acids on an organism. As have shown supervision, already after four-week omega - 3 diets of a wall of vessels become more rigid and elastic.

the Additional data about beneficial effect on a human body omega - 3 acids have been presented on the World congress of cardiologists. results of research show that omega - 3 fat acids eliminate the negative consequences caused by smoking - Gerasim`s doctor from the Athenian university, working in department of cardiology of Medical school has commented.

As he said, they improve work of arterial system which inevitably suffers at smokers. But omega - 3 fats are useful not only, to smokers, but also people with ischemic disease of heart, and all to the rests who cares of the balanced food - Gerasim`s doctor has noted.

Omega - 3 are the fats received by an organism at the use of fish and some vegetative food: oils of flax and a walnut, soybeans, salad. However, despite optimistical opening, the World federation of heart nevertheless prays for smokers to give up smoking to protect itself on 100 % from harmful influence of tobacco.