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Chekhov again has not started up in Ingosstrah

Against negotiations about sale of share PPF to group VTB

Yesterday representatives of Petera Kellnera which along with Italian Generali owns 38 - a percentage share holding Ingosstraha have informed that minoritarii have not entered into the list of candidates for new board of directors of the insurer. The situation is connected by that PPF till the end of May can sell the share to bank VTB, has explained a source from the majority shareholder - the companies Bazel .

Yesterday a press - the secretary of Czech businessman Petera Kellnera Milan Tomanek and the present councillor of directors Ingosstraha from party PPF Darya Vetrova following the results of meeting of board of directors of the company have informed that minoritarii have not been included in the list of candidates in members of the future board of directors of the insurer. This list should be taken out on voting at annual meeting of shareholders Ingosstraha on May, 10th.

As have told yesterday in PPF, in Ingosstrahe the board of directors where the new list of candidates consisting of eight persons has been presented has taken place - is exclusive representatives Bazela . According to representatives PPF, the operating councillor of directors Ingosstraha Michael Volkov at session has told that on March, 5th the ninth candidate for new board of directors had been confirmed Oleg Vihansky also representing interests of the majority shareholder of the insurer. despite the protest from outside minoritariev, earlier generated general list from all shareholders from 26 persons has been ignored - has noted g - zha Vetrova, having explained that among them nine persons were representatives PPF.

In the actions board of directors Ingosstraha was guided by the rights established by item 53 FZ About joint-stock companies has told daily a source close to the majority shareholder. In PPF consider such statement inappropriate as the legislation allows board of directors to enter in the list only missing quantity of candidates, the lawyer from party PPF July has noted Thaw, having added that PPF will appeal against against the confirmed list of candidates in court.

At the same time a source in Bazele did not begin to hide that by consideration of a question on a personnel of candidates for board of directors of the insurer the information on sale PPF of the share in " was considered; Ingosstrahe to group VTB till the end of May of this year . However the source close to PPF, has told daily that while there is no accurate understanding when the agreement on sale of a share to group VTB will be signed.

According to a source daily in the insurance market, VTB and mazhoritarii carry on negotiations on an occasion of the further future of the company: The variant with the subsequent sale of a share of the majority shareholder to group VTB as she is interested in development of the big insurance business is not excluded also.