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SK has revealed in Domodedovo swindle for the sum more than 200 million roubles

Within the limits of investigation of criminal case concerning transport police of the airport Domodedovo after act of terrorism in January, 2011, inspectors had been established separate episodes of criminal activity of some proprietors of a property complex of the airport, the Russian Federation is told today in message SK. In particular, the swindle fact for the sum of 224 million rbl.

In particular has been elicited, the Russian Federation is told in message SK, from the stopped criminal case materials are allocated and on their basis criminal case to signs of the crimes provided ch is brought. 4 items 159 and p.1 item 303 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (swindle, falsification of proofs) concerning employees of Joint-Stock Company Commercial agency of the airport Domodedovo (Joint-Stock Company KAAD ) And other persons.

According to the investigation, employees of Joint-Stock Company KAAD knowing about the beginning of procedure of bankruptcy of Open Society AK Krasnoyarsk airlines and presence of the guarantee of Open Society the Airport Vnukovo have made fictitious invoices on delivery of aviation fuel to a total sum more than 224 million rbl., and have addressed in Arbitration court about collecting of this sum from the airport Vnukovo . Subsequently these Joint-Stock Companies transferred into account KAAD money resources have been stolen.

Also, from the stopped criminal case materials concerning officials of administration of Domodedovsky area of Moscow Region upon the order are allocated by the ground areas which were in the federal property located in borders of an aeroport complex " in separate manufacture; Domodedovo and transferred to the possession in 2006 - 2011 to the foreign companies registered in the offshore. Besides it, from the stopped criminal case other materials on which investigatory actions are spent also are allocated and remedial decisions are made.

Today it became known about the termination of criminal case upon default of requirements on maintenance of transport safety in an aerostation complex of the international airport Domodedovo . The specified criminal case has been raised on the basis of that on January, 24th, 2011 Magomed Evloev has managed to carry by free through the entrance terminal of the airport Domodedovo an explosive and to make its blasting therefore 37 persons were lost and 173 - have suffered.

So, by a consequence it has been established that the system of security measures on objects of air transport has not been defined and at the moment of fulfilment of an act of terrorism there were no the statutory acts regulating an operations procedure of subjects of a transport infrastructure on maintenance of transport safety. Requirements of Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation on maintenance of transport safety have been developed already after perfect act of terrorism.

By results of studying and an estimation of the collected proofs, the decision about the termination of criminal prosecution concerning the persons who were passing on business in quality of suspects in the absence of structure of a crime, provided ch has been taken out. 3 items 2631 of the criminal code of Russian Federation - the Russian Federation is told in message SK.

Simultaneously within the limits of criminal case representations about acceptance of measures on elimination of the reasons and the conditions promoting fulfilment of act of terrorism to the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Health of the government of Moscow Region, the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia are brought.