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Stone drop

Ornaments with colour kaboshonami

the Facet, to be exact, in view of absence of sides in their habitual understanding, processing kaboshonom — one of the most ancient kinds of registration of precious and semiprecious stones after which they look, as obkatannaja the sea a pebble or a dew drop on a grass. It allows to show a semi-precious stone transparency, grace of a shade of a foggy mineral and riches of colouring of opaque stones in all completeness.

the Transparency

Jewelry with transparent kaboshonami frequently the most valuable: besides semiprecious stones, in kaboshon emeralds, sapphires, rubies turn. An example — classical roundish rings with ruby both emerald kaboshonami and enamel in tone from the Russian brand Smolensk brilliants . To emeralds and quality rubies quite often give intermediate between kaboshonom and a facet the form of a tetrahedral pyramid with the smoothed sides, so-called a sugar head — as in a ring with a ruby of other Russian mark MAnyajew. At high brands of a ring with large precious kaboshonami stand transcendental money and frequently are issued in the single copy or it is insignificant a small series. As, for example, a masterpiece ball Nicolas Bosa`s collections from Van Cleef and Arpels — ring Providence c 20 - karatnym the Colombian emerald, pavirovannoe sapphires a ring with a huge oval ruby from de Grisogono or earrings Chopard from line Haute Joaillerie with large kaplevidnymi amethystine suspension brackets. The reason is simple: to find some large stones of the identical size and faultless cleanliness — business almost impossible.

Some jewellers deceive the nature Using not the most high-grade kaboshony in jewelry it is underlined the archaic forms cast by jeweller art of Byzantium and medieval Europe. Are that, say, Elena Okutovoj`s ring or the American brand Arman: they are executed from stamping silver with large kaboshonami, and armanovskoe is in addition decorated by deliberately rough carving on bright - yellow ancient 22 - karatnomu to gold. At the Israeli mark Yanush Gioielli the big green pomegranate as the fruit, acts from a frame in the form of diamond leaves, and the jeweller - innovator Ljuchija Odeskalki, head of brand Lucia Odescalchi, combines kaboshony and drops from yellow and red amber with nizkami gematitovyh businok the wrong form. Nanis in a new collection uses in earrings, rings and suspension brackets transparent beads from a topaz, quartz, olivina through which the aperture with the wire passed in it is visible. The same reception is used in gold bracelets with charms from the first jeweller collection of Swiss hour brand Frederique Constant.

the Fog

On - to the are not less effective kaboshony and sugar heads from translucent minerals gently - a pink, lilac, grayish, beige shade — chalcedony, disgrace, pink and smoky quartz. Especially their charm underlines a combination to a peahen or the colour faceted transparent stones. As, for example, in the Renaissance earrings - shandelerah from line Roma from Antonini where dairy chalcedonies are added by pomegranates, olivinami and topazes, or in a ring from Missbach, where lilac chalcedonic a pearl lies in the gold bowl covered with brilliants. Large kaboshony pink quartz often frame to a peahen from pink sapphires or rubies, as in koktejlnom a ring from Prima Exclusive. However, this semiprecious stone well looks and in a laconic frame without superfluous details: an example — a ring from yellow gold from a new collection Africa from Tous. Of riches Indian radzhej reminds a ring with farforovo appearing through white kaholongom in a magnificent frame from yellow gold with a peahen from the white brilliants, decorated peridotami an oval facet from Inbar.


At last, the third version kaboshonov at all does not pass light and involves judges with riches of colour and contrast shades. Especially well in this processing the jasper, a cornelian, lazurite, disgraces of the sated shades, a coral and turquoise look. Rings with turquoise in bright - yellow gold do not get out of fashion any more the first season, and this summer taking into account that all shades of a sea wave in a trend, turquoise promises to become a hit. For example, a ring from Prima Exclusive in original knitted To gold frame or rings, bracelets, kulony and charms with turquoise from Tamara Comolli. By the way, this brand offers also collections with a bright multi-colour jasper, for example rings with round flat kaboshonami from line Cowboy Princess.

Separately it is necessary to note rings with black agate and onyx. The brilliant surface oniksovogo kaboshona in ring Concierto from Carrera y Carrera ideally shades a thin frame with a peahen from the white brilliants, gracefully twirled sideways in similarity of a treble clef. Black onyx from Inbar looks brutalnee: it is inserted into a massive frame from white gold with diamond to a peahen and nacreous incrustation. Opaque black kaboshony and plates are ideal not only for female, but also for man`s ornaments, as, say, in Stephen Vebstera`s Highwayman new collection.