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We are concentrated to internal development


the Head of Italian company Geox MARIO MORETTI has legato told Interview to head Geox of Mario Moretti to the correspondent daily to VERONICA GUDKOVOJ about strategy of the company in Russia, the organisation of manufacture and the sale, new fashion - collections of female footwear and plans of opening of new shops in Moscow and the Russian regions.

— How affairs at company Geox in Russia now are?

— the Russian market for us is very important, especially now. Geox — the second company in the world on footwear manufacture in a segment lifestyle, is a global brand which realises the production more than in 100 countries in more than 200 shops in the largest cities of the world. This spring in Moscow we represent the new projects which show our vision of the future. For today in Russia at Geox 42 shops in Moscow, St.-Petersburg and the largest regional cities. 12 more (including flagman concept store in the centre of Moscow, in Irkutsk and Omsk) we plan to open shops till the end of 2012. It will be both separate monobrendovye boutiques, and points in shopping centres. Our purpose — to capture chain store system Geox all Russian territory. Many in your country already carry our footwear. It is popular, because, on the one hand, it is fashionable Italian footwear (and it is rather appreciated in Russia), with another — it is convenient and practical, we in practice realise the slogan footwear which breathes using in the punched sole a membrane which allows to ventilate well a foot, but not to pass water.

— you offer What novelties to the Russian consumers?

— In a female collection spring — Summer - 2012 especial accent is made just on fashion: original design in style colorblocking, bright colours, high, but a steady heel or a platform sole. One more our competitive advantage in Russia — it is a reasonable price level in comparison with some other Italian manufacturers. In a man`s line too is bright fashion - models, for example moccasins, suede shoes - brogi on the original hybrid sole Geox grouped from a skin and punched rubber.

Also we announce novelties of a fashion line of a collection autumn — winter - 2012/ 13, approaching for the Russian climate. These are innovative models breathing the jackets developed on technology, patented Geox, for men, women and children. Thanks to this innovation of a jacket provide air circulation and do not suppose neither an overheat, nor overcooling. At last, we start in the future season a line of fashionable accessories — bags, belts, gloves. These things logically finish an individual image and are a success at those who buys gifts.

— And how you develop in the fast-growing Chinese market?

— There we too are quite successful. Geox co-operates with one of the largest Chinese ritejlerov, it is opened about 300 shops — as separate shops, and in shopping centres. But recently the administration of our company has decided to develop direct sales in China. Seven new shops prepare for opening in this country, basically in Beijing and Shanghai, they will be added to that distribjutorskoj networks which already works in cooperation with our Chinese partners.

— Not a secret that the most part of manufacture European, in particular the Italian, shoe brands of a segment lifestyle is now transferred to China, Brazil and other countries. How it affects quality of your footwear?

— All our footwear is projected, developed in Italy — it concerns both design, and innovative technologies. Scientific laboratories with which we co-operate, are in Italy — at the Venetian and Paduansky universities, centre of science CNR in Milan — and other countries of Europe, for example to Germany (Munich) and Norway, there, where is conducted serious researches in the field of thermoregulation. The considerable part of materials, in particular skin, is made in Italy. On a sole the sign on Italian patented technology Italian Patent, so as a matter of fact, ideologically, our production Italian is put. And footwear assemblage passes at different factories in the world — in Brazil, China, the Eastern Europe, but under our constant quality assurance. The similar diversification simplifies logistics, allows to lead up faster the finished goods, new workings out to the end user.

— As you already spoke, Geox is on the second place in a footwear segment lifestyle. Whether there are chances to become the first?

— We aspire to grow and become actively the first in the segment. In particular, we want to double our goods turnover in the near future. Also we pay attention to internal development, first of all to a fashion line, a line of female footwear fashion, and also lines Amphibiox and a jeans line from harmless and technological materials. On this all rates. Children`s line Geox &mdash develops also; now in assortment clothes, accessories and footwear both for boys, and for girls.

Geox has entered the Russian market after some other shoe brands lifestyle - a segment. But our company in 2011 has increased sales in Russia by 60 %, and I hope that we will quickly restore our positions which have a little weakened after a world economic crisis of 2008. In competitive struggle on our party innovative technologies, the Italian design and materials, high quality.

— whether you are afraid of overproduction crisis?

— As we regulate quantity of made production according to orders of partners - ritejlerov, we are not afraid of crisis of overproduction.

— you make not only fashionable, but also sports footwear …

— We let out footwear for Formulas - 1 commands Red Bull, and also the line of sports footwear inspired by a racing theme casual for men and children. Especially sports footwear and clothes, in particular for football and cycling, other popular brand of our company &mdash makes; Diadora.

— whether you, how some other brands in your segment, kapsulnye make collections in cooperation with known designers?

— Now with us known British designer Patrick Koks works, he develops a classical line of man`s and female footwear Geox already from this season, now he prepares a collection autumn — winter - 2012/ 13. We hope for long and fruitful cooperation with it. Coke creates kapsulnye collections a premium - a class in the original British style, calculated on well-founded consumers.

Besides, we have a practice of manufacture of the limited releases of footwear under the individual order, including from trend in this season of an exotic skin. We will tell, classical boots from a skin of a python from Sumatra can be ordered on the Internet or in one of ours monobrendovyh shops. In Russia while there is no such option, but we actively work over that your compatriots could order exclusive footwear Geox already in the future season. One of our individual customers — legendary Elton John — Has inspired Geox and Patrick Koksa on creation exclusive gold footwear from the colour metallized skin for show The Million Dollar Piano in Las - Vegase.