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Reequipment the Transsystem

Design - Oleg Deripaska`s building company will enclose in updating of 270 million dollars

to return the lost positions in the market of transport building of Russia and to catch up with the leader of Open Society mostotrest Arcady Rotenberga, PSK the Transsystem intend to enclose 8 mlrd rbl. in modernisation of own manufacture. Oleg Deripaska`s company searches the strategic partner and has begun negotiations with the international machine-building corporation Terex.

the Program of modernisation of holding the Transsystem it is calculated for three years, the general director of Open Company " has told daily; PSK the Transsystem Igor Pankin. As he said, the company already invested in modernisation of own manufacture nearby 3 mlrd rbl. These means have gone on acquisition of technics for the Olympic building to Sochi, for open-cast mine development Elovsky in Yakutia and air field building in Yeysk, Krasnodar, Krymske, Chkalovsk and the Sheremetyevo.

the next three years the corporation is ready to spend 5 more mlrd rbl. for purchase of the equipment and the building technics for mostostroenija, manufactures of concrete works, and also loaders, cranes and other mechanisms. Under this project the Transsystem intend to involve the strategic partner - the machine engineer, the interlocutor daily marks. The Most probable counterpart design - Oleg Deripaska`s building holding the international corporation Terex is considered.

New capacities should increase volume of a portfolio of orders and, as consequence, a share the Transsystem in the market of transport building of Russia, hope in the company. From the beginning of last financial crisis entering into corporation Glavstroj Design - the building company promptly lost the positions in the market. In 2008 a gain the Transsystem made 46 mlrd rbl., however following the results of 2009 this indicator has fallen to 15 %, to 39 mlrd rbl., and in 2010 - m - to 38 mlrd rbl.

Positive dynamics the Transsystem has started to show last year, having increased a cumulative turn to 40,3 mlrd rbl. the Current portfolio of orders of holding makes 52 mlrd rbl., marks g - n Pankin. The company is engaged in infrastructural building in Moscow (the third VPP the Sheremetyevo airport), St.-Petersburg (stadium Zenith port Ust infrastructure - Luga), the Olympic Sochi (cargo port, the doubler of the Resort prospectus, engineering protection of Imeretinsky lowland, the passenger case of the airport of Sochi), Krasnodar (airdrome reconstruction) and Yakutia (railway).

the Requirement for modernisation of capacities of the building company depends on their loading, mark in Joint-Stock Company mosstrojmehanizatsija - 5 (MSM - 5). Company MSM - 5 Obida Jasinova is taken by manufacture reequipment each five years and allocates for these purposes more than 10 % from a turn. Expenditure for modernisation should be confirmed by a portfolio of perspective projects and current orders, explain in MSM - 5.

According to Igor Pankina, thanks to growth of volume of orders the Transsystem its annual gain by 2015 should reach 80 mlrd rbl. Thus, infrastructural division Glavstroja should provide within three years the turn comparable to present volume of a gain of all building battalion of group the Base element . This year this indicator is planned at level 90 mlrd rbl.

Hopes of growth of financial streams in Bazele Connect with the spent reorganisation of organizational structure of the building business. Serious structural and personnel changes have occurred including in the Transsystem which has got rid of a number of the companies with duplicating functions.

in the Spring general director PSK the Transsystem which became holding parent organisation, the former chief executive of the company Igor Pankin has been appointed. On this post it has replaced Alexander Rudenko who till March, 1st headed Open Company PSK the Transsystem Open Society Corporation the Transsystem and Joint-Stock Company inzhiniringovaja corporation the Transsystem . Today g - n Rudenko has kept only one post - general directors of corporation the Transsystem .

By estimations of participants of the market, PSK the Transsystem takes the fourth place in a rating of participants of transport building of Russia from shares of 7 %. As the leader of branch acts mostotrest Arcady Rotenberga (15 %). According to Open Society financial reporting mostotrest in 2011 the company gain has grown on 32 %, to 99 mlrd rbl., and net profit - in 3,7 times, to 3,7 mlrd rbl. Afterwards for mostotrestom goes ARKS (9 %), Strojnovatsija (8 %), transstrojmehanizatsija (6 %), avtoban (5 %) and NPO Space (5 %).