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About what tell boots

On an example of shoe branch it is possible to tell with confidence that in the country the culture of consumption

the Consumer market promptly changes is always the big puzzle which consists of set of details and finally reflects socially - psychological processes in a society. So, on an example of shoe branch it is possible to tell with confidence that in the country the culture of consumption promptly changes. Earlier the footwear was perceived first of all as essential commodity and should possess following characteristics: universality, durability, wear, convenience. Now the footwear for the majority of people is an element of style, that is its important characteristics become including modnost, an urgency, compatibility with the general ensemble.

In Russia the share of a so-called average price segment - almost 40 % in cost expression, according to Comcon Synovate today is very high. In the domestic market many players are presented, but large from them it is not enough, and the market is poorly consolidated. Now at us while a considerable quantity of participants remains only because we still develop, and the vector of this development can be seen if to address to examples of the western markets.

According to the experts, in countries of Western Europe and Americas as a result of change of culture of consumption and a strong competition the considerable part of an average segment has moved in low, behind an exception nishevyh players, certainly. It is difficult to believe, but srednerynochnaja the price of pair footwear in France makes an order 35 dollars, in the USA - an order 25 dollars, and at us - almost 50 dollars And it with the account that the considerable part of the Russian consumers incomes has less, than at foreign.

the Secret is covered in new culture of consumption which experts name fast fashion. In many western countries people packages buy up inexpensive things for one season, the season changes - new things are got. Squandering? Just is not present, after all on 100 dollars it is easily possible to buy three-five pairs footwear and constantly to create new images. To the modern Russian already not enough three steams of footwear for three years. By results of research Synovate Comcon, srednedushevoe footwear consumption in 2012 will grow to 2,8 steams, and in 2016 - to 3,8 steams. Thus, according to Euromonitor, we already start to come nearer to a consumption level of the developed countries: the average British buys 3,5 steams of footwear a year, the Frenchman and the Brazilian - more than four pairs, well and the American - the whole 5,4 steams.

Under our forecasts, in Russia people will master such approach to consumption in feshn - a segment by 2015-2020. It will be promoted by competition strengthening in the footwear market, expansion of geography of the networks working in a mass segment. If in 2012 the astable economic situation it, more likely, will strengthen model positions fast fashion in consciousness of the Russian consumer remains.

For example, during crisis of 2008 the share of sales of footwear in a low price segment of the market has grown to 53 % in natural expression. When crisis has come to the end, the consumers which have come during this period, remained with us and the next years. Certainly, to a segment luxury will occur nothing - always there will be the people, ready to overpay for a brand, but as a whole the culture of consumption already undergoes serious changes.

If business masshtaben (for example, in the market of footwear the share of a low price segment makes 55 % in natural expression) it allows to optimise expenses for logistics, constant expenses, but first of all expenses for raw materials and materials. Now in the market there were innovative artificial materials, on properties not conceding natural, but thus harmless and hypoallergenic. Buy effectively such materials very large players and only in very considerable quantities can only, for small and average ritejlerov these materials are very expensive.

On the other hand, not all expenses can be optimised. The markets of qualitative rent and the professional personnel dictate the rules, here all in an equal situation. Low marzhinalnost in the given price segment also does not allow to make a mistake - all innovations and projects need to be started only after carrying out of successful experiments. A profit source if it is possible so to be expressed, not the price for a commodity unit, and quantity of sold units here is. It means to be successful, it is necessary to sell much.