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The multinational corporation - VR undertook the whole world

Over managers of the company criminal liability threat

At the initiative of the head of Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources Yury Trutnev Rosprirodnadzor has hung will begin proceeding with the multinational corporation - VR which accuse of default of the ecological legislation in HMAO. Minister of Energy Sergey Shmatko who has reproached the company yesterday was connected To criticism also that she pays high dividends, but few means allocate for modernisation of pipelines. The prime minister - minister Vladimir Putin has asked officials to understand, but to operate within the limits of the law .

the Ministry of natural resources has charged to Federal Agency of supervision in wildlife management sphere (Rosprirodnadzoru) to submit the claim to the multinational corporation - VR in connection with environmental contamination, the head of the ministry Yury Trutnev has informed yesterday, transfers news agency.

Acting at session of presidium of the government, the minister has reported on results of check in Hunts - Mansijsky joint-stock company where, as he said, there are regular floods of oil and oil products - 300-500 thousand t annually. First of all multinational corporation activity - VR as on a share of this company the maximum quantity of the polluted earths - 2,2 thousand in hectare is necessary has been analysed. The Self-Tlorsky deposit was checked. Within last year on the company it was necessary 784 fixed failures accompanied by flood of oil, that is more than two failures daily, the minister has told. At other companies, such as Surgutneftegaz or Bashneft the number of failures of this kind averages 22-28 annually.

the Reason of floods - a bad condition of a pipeline economy. Those means, which multinational corporations - VR invests in replacement of pipelines, allow to update their time in 22 years at amortisation term of 12 years. The minister also considers that the company has tried to avoid state control over its activity when spent a re-registration of five daughters in new legal persons. This fact he has asked to check up the State Office of Public Prosecutor.

Money for modernisation at them (the multinational corporation - VR. - daily) precisely is - Minister of Energy Sergey Shmatko has supported the colleague. It has reminded that dividendnaja the policy Russian - the British company strikingly differs from other companies. So, as he said, practically all net profit for last year, that is almost 8 mlrd dollars, the multinational corporation - VR has directed on payments to shareholders.

the Prime minister - minister Vladimir Putin who was present at session, has charged to understand with this situation. please, operate according to the law, it is necessary with managers and shareholders of the company to meet and agree - he has told.

the multinational corporation - VR the fault does not recognise. The company declares that according to plan realises in territory HMAO the complex program of maintenance of integrity and modernisation of a pipeline infrastructure, and also the program rekultivatsii the earths of a historical heritage polluted in Soviet period when extraction was conducted without ecological factors. All again entered objects completely correspond to the highest standards of industrial and ecological safety, the company confirms. Its representative has explained that the quantity of breaks of pipelines (them at the multinational corporation - VR 23 thousand in km) in 2010 has made all 1315, in 2011 - 1186. The volume of the poured oil, oil products as a result of failures has made accordingly 181,83 t and 75,27 t.

Analyst Raiffeisenbank Andrey Polischuk notices that it much more low, than, for example, at Rosneft about its 54 thousand in km of pipelines. At it in 2010 quantity of breaks - 12385, volume of the poured oil - 3,7 thousand t, it is specified in the company annual report (other oil industry workers of such data do not publish). Infringers hardly will incur serious punishment. The multinational corporation - VR will get off with the small penalty. I doubt that the government will disturb in any image their activity. More essential deterioration of pipelines at Gazprom and Transneft - he marks.

However, the multinational corporation - VR always had difficult relations from Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources. It is enough to remember numerous charges in default of licence requirements and licence withdrawal threat on the Kovyktinsky deposit. Last year Kovyktu has received Gazprom . Character of claims can be different. If it is a question of compensation of the damage put to the state (and this attraction of the infringer to grazhdansko - legal responsibility) the claim should submit Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources, the senior lawyer Tenzor Consulting Group Igor Fominov marks. But in a case from the multinational corporation - VR a presentation of the claim Rosprirodnadzorom it is necessary to consider as the beginning of campaign for attraction her and its management to administrative or a criminal liability (the sanction from penalties in 300 thousand rbl. to an interdiction to be taken by certain activity till three years, and also corrective works till two years) as these questions are included into the competence of Rosprirodnadzora. The lawyer also specifies in complexity dokazyvanija and a legal substantiation in courts of concrete infringements, and also calculation of the damage put to the state.

Ordinary actions of the multinational corporation - VR on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange - RTS have fallen in price yesterday on 4,52 %, to 90,70 rbl. (during the day fell to 88,03 rbl.). The Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has grown on 1,76 %.