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Putin call to adjust power

For workers of aluminium factory Sergey Mironov

Workers of Theological aluminium factory has interceded (BASES, enters in OK “ Rusal “ Oleg Deripaska) have asked the authorities to interfere with a situation and to normalise work of the enterprise experiencing difficulties from - for the high prices for the energy delivered from Theological thermal power station (BoTeTs, enters in “ KES - Holding “) . Metallurgists have actually helped minoritariju “ Rusala “ and to the owner “ KES - Holding “ to Victor Vekselberg, demanding to pass the law on inefficient proprietors. The letter has come into the hands to the head of the Duma fraction “ Fair Russia “ to Sergey Mironov who has officially asked prime minister Vladimir Putin to interfere again personally with the conflict around BASE and BoTeTs.

the Head of the Duma fraction “ Fair Russia “ Sergey Mironov has directed the prime minister - to minister Vladimir Putin the letter with the request “ repeated personal intervention “ in the conflict round an electrical supply BASE “ for the purpose of prevention of a stop of manufacture “. Its copy is on hand daily. The fact of a direction of the letter, dated on March, 20th, have confirmed in Mironov`s device, the answer to it is not received yet.

the Conflict around BASE has inflamed to the end of last year, when “ Rusal “ Has declared stop possibility gradoobrazujushchego the enterprises from - for the unprofitability of work of factory caused by the prices for the electric power and warm, delivered with BoTeTs. The letter of the head of the Duma fraction is based on the reference ­“ inhabitants of the cities of Serov­, Krasnoturyinsk, Karpinsk, Volchansk and Severouralsk “ (about 600 signatures) where capacities BASE and the manufactures connected with it are located. The reference is addressed president Dmitry Medvedev, the speaker of the State Duma Sergey Naryshkin and the governor of Sverdlovsk area Alexander Misharinu. “ To me the reference of group of workers of factory has arrived. According to applicants, as a result of inability of owners to solve a problem of an electrical supply BASE at factory since November, 2011 there are dismissals. According to workers, position at the enterprise has not improved till now: the first case elektroliznogo shop and has not begun work, threat of reduction of employees remains. The administration, from its part, continues to make in a press of statements for unprofitableness of factory “ it is told in Mironov`s letter to the prime minister.

As appears from the enclosed reference, local residents ask “ to stop manufacture liquidation as it will cause a stop of the interconnected ­ enterprises in the next cities “ and to appoint the official responsible for this process. Subscribed also demand “ to pass the law on the inefficient proprietors ­ putting in order in management sphere gradoobrazujushchimi the enterprises " will be which ­ purpose;.

the Press - the secretary of the prime minister Dmitry Peskov ­ could not confirm yesterday the fact of reception of the letter from Sergey Mironov, but has noticed that if the reference arrived, is directed on consideration to profile departments which will prepare recommendations for Putin. Thus it has not excluded possibility of repeated personal intervention of the prime minister in the conflict between KES and “ Rusalom “. “ No possibilities are excluded “ - Dmitry Peskov has noted.

the Reference to the authorities is written not by employees, and a small group of politicians, have declared yesterday in “ Rusale “. “ Check has shown that among signed the letter less than 5 % of surnames of employees BASE, but also these signatures counterfeit: this situation, probably, will demand intervention of law enforcement bodies “ - have noted in a press - service of the aluminium company. The company estimates similar statements as “ hostile PR - the action of group of people which or on ignorance, or purposely try to deform a real state of affairs on BASE “. In “ Rusale “ have confirmed that do not consider possibility of closing of factory. Now at the enterprise the second, third, fourth and sixth series elektroliza work (two cases), in the first quarter aluminium release on 636 t has exceeded indicators business - the plan. “ reductions at factory are not present “ - have added in a press - service.