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State purchasing repka

Recently I could participate in one amusing poll: What for you state purchase?

Recently I could participate in one amusing poll: What for you state purchase? answer variants: money, pleasure... Further I did not begin to read, the resulted versions did not correspond with my picture of the world. However, they quite correspond with thinking of officials. For example, recently the committee on the press of Leningrad region has surpassed all expectations. Declared competition on creation of page of the government of area on Facebook for 498,1 thousand rbl. — that here you will tell, continuous pleasures...

For ten years of work in sector B2B - purchases were not precedents of similar squandering. At business the motivation effectively operates to spend the money. And in the state order? The question needs to be solved at legislative level. One and a half year of Ministry of economic development and trade and FAS as in a fairy tale about repku, pulled - pulled project FKS (Federal contract system). The Audit Chamber tried to make observations about it — and the Ministry of Finance. Now turn of the State Duma to prepare the law.

In the given bill me personally pleases that the legislator does not go in cycles only in purchasing procedures. After all any procedure at desire can be turned to own advantage. Not to allow to the customer to interpret any way the law, the concept of library of typical contracts will be entered. And for the first time at legislative level forecasting and planning of state purchases is regulated, the order of a substantiation of key parametres of planned contracts will be defined further to supervise execution of these contracts and to analyze results. Differently, all cycle of the state order will be settled.

On the other hand, very many it is necessary to finish. Even before entering FKS into the State Duma variants of carrying out of state purchases in the electronic form were discussed. At us the concept " has become numb; electronic auction which Ivan Begtin, project head OpenGovdata. ru, named vicious practice .

At subconscious level as soon as someone hears a word electronic at once there is an association auction . Actually in the electronic form it is possible to spend purchases by any way. Many companies in the electronic form buy by means of the competitions, competitive negotiations, inquiries of quotations and etc. For example, on our platform auctions make all about 3 % from total of the auctions. The companies which are interested in an effective expenditure of money resources, basically hold purchases by means of competitions (20 — 23 %) and inquiries of offers (70 — 75 %).

So can raise efficiency of the future law? First of all in it it is necessary to enter the unconditional requirement — to hold all auctions under the state order in the electronic form. Paper procedures should be spent only in separate, unusual cases. Business ten so works years, and at state level even the logic of the electronic government propagandising idea of automation, has not got accustomed yet. And after all work on electronic trading platforms will help to make completely the state order transparent, effective and supervised.

Thus, with norm about carrying out of the greatest possible volume of state purchases in the electronic form in a combination to norm about a variety of kinds of auctions FKS can reach at once all purposes for the sake of which it was developed.

Further, norms of the bill about FKS provide corresponding qualification of employees of the customer who is responsible for purchasing activity. In each department the purchasing department in which the people having experience in the organisation and carrying out of purchases will work should be generated. Each of them should be responsible for the effective end result personally. It is necessary to prepare professionals in the field of the state order. Now, for example, lawyers only for one simple reason &mdash are engaged in the state order basically; only these gold people understand how correctly to bypass norms 94 - FZ, thus also the state order to place.

In today`s edition FKS these norms remained at declaration level — it is not painted, neither as will be akkreditovyvat employees nor as they will be responsible for the activity. As a matter of fact, it is norm — a wish. And after all if in details to register responsibility of employees from the customer — the norm can become one of key mechanisms on fight against corruption.

In my opinion, there was not adjusted one more prominent aspect — Public control. We, tax bearers, have the right to know, how our money is spent. In the bill about FKS again - taki the norm is, but mechanisms of real influence of expert community on buying departments are not provided. Neither for the customer, nor for supervising bodies public reaction to infringement in sphere of purchases meanwhile is not the guide to action.

All is the major norms which are necessary for realising. Certainly, FKS — a step towards to civilised regulation of the state purchases. Therefore it is necessary to take this step as much as possible after careful consideration then not to enter set of amendments into the law. I hope, bill lacks will be considered in the second reading, especially if the expert community and as a result the working mechanism will be created is connected to discussion. However, if the problem of the maintenance of the law there will be still a problem of its realisation is solved. And this repku We should pull still for a long time...