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Medvedev felt the leader

the Prime minister uses an United Russia to return itself a presidential post

Unlike Vladimir Putin, which in stay by the leader an United Russia did not interfere with organizational questions, Dmitry Medvedev in a role of the chairman of the party tries to participate really in an operational administration the organisation. Its participation in autumn regional campaigns is now discussed: the prime minister for a summer will go round a part of pre-election regions, will arrive on some otchetno - elective conferences pervichek in the autumn, and a number of branches will contact on a videoconference. In an environment g - on Medvedev daily did not begin to deny: the prime minister wants to get support of regional elite that through six years again to take part in presidential election.

past Saturday in Petersburg g - n Medvedev has joined session of the basic controls by party - a general council - on visual communication. Petersburg action became the second regional event of the prime minister as a member and the chairman of the party. The first has taken place one week ago in Kazan. As Party members speak, in both cases Dmitry Medvedev behaved actively and all actions let know that he is a real leader. it constantly breaks the prepared summons and brings for discussion own themes - has shared with daily one of the high-ranking interlocutors in party.

One Party members are assured: at the prime minister a new toy others consider that it is in earnest about work in party. The second are more likely right: a party post for the prime minister - unique possibility to start to influence the regional elite earlier ground under Vladimir Putin. As are assured of party, the far-reaching purpose of the prime minister - following presidential elections in six years for what serious support of the population on places is necessary. In Dmitry Medvedev`s environment daily have confirmed that presidential ambitions at the prime minister are very strong.

it is probable, for this reason the prime minister has expressed desire more to communicate this year with the primary organisations. By data daily, now the format of its participation in regional campaigns coming by autumn is discussed with Dmitry Medvedev. It is supposed that the prime minister will go round a part of regions in which elections are coming, and after leading of their results also will take part in several otchetno - elective conferences of these primary organisations.

will pass elections of governors of the Amur, Belgorod, Novgorod and Bryansk areas and the mayor of Kaliningrad, and also regional and municipal elections of deputies of several regions in the Autumn. Besides, within summer with several regions it is supposed to deduce Dmitry Medvedev on a teleconference - similar Saturday from Petersburg.

In party activity of the prime minister concern frostily - positively. Despite the pessimism which has appeared with leaving from party of Vladimir Putin, and decreased ratings after the castling declared in September, the situation has started to be corrected. On internal party sociology as one of Party members has shared with daily, for a month that the prime minister is at a wheel, a rating an United Russia has started to grow (on 4-5 %). And in regions began to react positively to Dmitry Medvedev`s occurrence in party events.

the Basic fear of Party members that with Medvedev`s arrival to party leadership will come its liberal environment (many were afraid of arrival vitse - prime minister Arcady Dvorkovicha or a press - Natalia Timakovoj`s secretary), has not justified. The prime minister on - former personally receives time in a week of the secretary gensoveta Sergey Neverov`s parties and, is hardly more rare, invites to the expanded format zamsekretarja gensoveta Sergey Zheleznjaka and the head of fraction in Andrey Vorobeva`s State Duma.

In modern political conditions an United Russia should be dynamical and effectively co-operating with a society, to absorb substantial ideas from places and to realise them after necessary legislative support, to aspire to a transparency and an openness - has chilly declared g - n Iron ore. The secretary gensoveta Sergey Neverov has not answered the request to comment on a question. A press - the secretary of the prime minister Natalia Timakova to make comments on Dmitry Medvedev`s schedule has refused.