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Putin: the Twenty to turn to the next elite club

It should not is time to cease to play the hypocrite and fairly to agree about admissible level of protective measures with a view of preservation of workplaces during the periods of world crises, the president of Russia Vladimir Putin in the article devoted to problems of world economy and new calls, facing " writes; group of twenty . Article text is published in the Mexican newspaper El Universal.

Putin notices that for Russia it is especially important, as the country this year accesses to WTO and intends to participate actively in discussion by the future rules of world trade. and, of course, the twenty should not turn to the next elite club egoistically caring exclusively about the members. An essence and sense of our joint activity — development of fair rules for a sustainable development of all world economy. Russia will offer such logic to our partners at the forthcoming summit in Los - Kabose — the president of Russia writes.

It also reminds that four years ago the world economy has faced unprecedented crisis that has demanded cardinally new approaches from the leading states.

And for the first time in history leaders of the countries representing almost 90 % of world gross national product, have shown real aspiration and ability to co-ordinate economic policy — Vladimir Putin writes. As he said, at the height of crisis thanking G20 measures on increase in the capital of all basic multilateral banks of development, and also resource base of IMF have been realised. Also the long-term summons of reforming of system of financial regulation has been offered, the principles directed on protection of the rights of consumers of financial services are designated.

Russia, being the sixth economy in the world at par consumer ability, has during the last years strengthened the financially - budgetary system. We on 3 - m a place on gold and exchange stocks. Rates of increase of domestic economy — 4,3 % — the highest among the largest economy of Europe — Putin explains.

At the same time not all system problems are solved — he recognises, adding that last months negative dynamics of the markets, other disturbing signals force analysts to build rather pessimistic forecasts.

we Will achieve radical improvement of an investment climate, creation of globally competitive conditions for business dealing in Russia, the further removal of infrastructural restrictions, improvement of quality of the human capital, economy modernisation as a whole — The president writes, adding that forthcoming summit G20 will pass in conditions of growing uncertainty.

Besides difficult financial situation correction the majority of the states of the world should find reasonable balance in the separate European Union countries between necessity of fiscal consolidation, strict budgetary discipline and maintenance of employment, economy growth, the decision of social problems, including maintenance of stability of pension systems — he writes.

Today president Putin has arrived to Mexico where even prior to the beginning of summit G20 it will meet US president Barack Obama. In total within the limits of G20 at the president of Russia will be eight bilateral meetings. As wrote daily, presidents of Russia and the USA are adjusted to show in every possible way a course on rapprochement. Already even Putin and Obama`s joint statement in this respect is almost ready, have told in the Kremlin. Besides, leaders of two countries will discuss the law Magnitsky Which chances to be the accepted senate are rather high. Putin with Obama will discuss also a situation in torn apart civil war of Syria.

debt crisis of an eurozone and reform of quotas of IMF (has begun in 2010 - m and should end in 2012) become Main points in the summons of summit G20. Besides, on G20 the question will be solved with a shortage of resources on IMF replenishment. It was planned to fill up fund on 430 mlrd dollars, but the countries BRIKS have not sounded the intentions to bring additional means, and was formed shortage in 70 mlrd dollars Earlier Brazil has explained that does not intend to bring means until the role of developing countries in fund will not amplify.