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The contender “ Nornikelja “

the Deposit “ Norilsk - 1 “ has received “ Russian platinum “

GMK “ Norilsk nickel “ the second time from the beginning of year has not won competition of Rosnedr. The victory in the tender for the right of working out of two nickel deposits in the Voronezh region has got UGMK. Last week a southern part of a deposit “ Norilsk - 1 “ as a result of the auctions has departed “ to Russian platinum “ in spite of the fact that “ Nornikel “ is the core nedropolzovatelem Taimyr peninsulas where it is located.

On Friday Rosnedra have held competition on the right of working out of two sites of deposits of nickel to Taimyr peninsula - a southern part of a deposit “ Νξπθλόρκ1 “ and the western flank October. As has told daily a source familiar with a situation, two companies applied for the first site - “ Nornikel “ and “ Artel staratelej “ Cupid “ (enters in “ Russian platinum “). As a result of the auctions in spite of the fact that on Tajmyre one of the main actives GMK - Polar branch is located, the prize has got “ to Russian platinum “. Competition on the western flank October has been recognised by not taken place as on it there was only one applicant - “ Nornikel “.

In what sum “ to Russian platinum “ the site " has managed; Norilsk - 1 “ it is not known (the starting size of single payment has made 4,4 mlrd rbl.) . Participants of the tender and other essential conditions of working out offered by them do not open. However, according to the source daily, familiar with a course of the auctions, in tehniko - economic indicators (TEP) “ Russian platinum “ the cost price of extracted production is essentially underestimated that, probably, and has predetermined results of competition.

Kommentary Rosnedr it was not possible to receive.

the Representative “ Nornikelja “ has declared that the company “ regrets for bias of the commission “ the company will start to study variants of the further actions after reception of the report on competition results.

the Representative “ Russian platinum “ has told only that the company is going to develop a deposit according to conditions of Rosnedr. It has refrained From the further comments.

According to competition conditions, the owner of the licence for a site should begin on it prospecting works within 75 months, finish building GOKa not later than in 12 years and to deduce it on designed capacity in 13 years.

“ Russian platinum “ hardly can cope with development “ Norilsk - 1 “ alone, Oleg Petropavlovsky from BKS considers. All operating infrastructure on Tajmyre belongs “ Nornikelju “ therefore the company should construct actually the “ a city “ that will demand enormous investments, the analyst explains. “ to Russian platinum “ it is necessary to address for the help to any more skilled company, whether it be itself GMK or any other player, is assured it.

“ Norilsk - 1 “ - one of the largest deposits on Tajmyre. Stocks of its southern part make 273 thousand t nickel, 378 thousand t copper, and also 12,7 thousand t cobalt and about 518 kg platinoidov.