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Euro as a mirror of world evolution

Oleg Vinokurov about the Russian national team

the Attentive reader, probably, remembers that one and a half weeks ago in the first notes from Poland I have informed: the present European championship of the sixth in my journalistic career. For the first time for Euro I have got in 1992, approximately a year later after the work beginning in a weekly journal Football and Sweden became my first travelling country.

Travelling on the Polish open spaces, I often enough remember events 20 - summer prescription. And how not to remember, after all in this time so much all has changed round us. Conditions reporterskoj works in general were transformed beyond recognition. The young reader, probably, will be surprised, having learnt that in 1992 - m I have gone to Sweden with the portable typewriter, and reportings in a weekly journal dictated by phone to the stenographer.

Four years after there was already a laptop with the small printer, and I then sent pages getting out therefrom in edition by fax. The Internet, e-mail and other seeming today the integral attributes of our life of a thing, such as a mobile phone or a credit card, — all it was no means always. Yes, the journalistic life abroad has changed for these 20 years radically.

About football such, certainly, you will not tell: if technical progress — process obvious and irreversible game develops wavy, and each following tournament no means always becomes better previous. About it we still will by all means talk as required, but anyway, for the past of 20 years so much all has occurred in football that our memory without effort will find historical analogy to any present event.

to Take at least our distressful command: Its short performance in Poland can be compared to how the national team under a strange abbreviation of the CIS in more than once mentioned 1992 has played. Results of concrete matches, of course, were others, but on a being, on a tournament deal and on mood it was absolute the same.

In first two matches we then have achieved drawn games with obvious favourites — Germany and Holland, and these results (we will note, at far not to the best game) inspired fans. Was in a final meeting to beat the Scots who have lost every chance &mdash enough; and it`s in the bag: Germans with Dutches would reveal the second semifinalist in parallel internal opposition. But, podi you, to Scots have absolutely unexpectedly lost clean.

Here and now was approximately as: game did not impress, but the result was, it was necessary to achieve it in game with last command of group. At Greeks, of course, the motivation was unlike Scots of that time, but and it was not required to beat them, would suffice simply nobody`s. Alas, as it is found out, ability to achieve the necessary result at the crucial moment does not enter abreast conclusive advantages of our command. And last European championship and remains an exception in the given context, no less than in all the others.

However if we have remembered 1992 should notice for the sake of justice that since then there were for us times and is worse. Actually, if to speak frankly basically - that and was worse. In two championships (1996 and 2004) it was not possible to ours to keep at least an intrigue before last round at all. Well and they have at all passed one tournament (2000).

So in historical prospect it is not necessary to consider present European campaign of our national team absolutely failure. As they say, quite to itself at level. If, of course, to face the truth and to take for a criterion of our level the wonderful fairy tale, told to us Guus Hiddink four years ago.