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The destiny of Italy depends again on its contenders

the National team can hope only for favour of Spaniards and Croats

On Monday one favourite for Euro almost for certain becomes less — the Italians who have typed in two starting matches only one point, are very close to a departure. Spanish national teams and Croatia play among themselves, and the drawn game with the account 2:2 guarantees to both commands an exit in a quarterfinal­. Italians in this case will take the third place, and to hope it remains only on principle Fair Play which will force their competitors to struggle for a victory seriously.

all Italians young and old should have a proof sensation deja vu. Eight years ago they already got to a similar situation. Then, in 2004, Italians too acted in group C and too in first two matches, against Sweden and Denmark, have typed only two points. In last round two Scandinavian commands played among themselves, and the drawn game with the account 2:2 would deduce both commands in plej - off. Italians then, as well as now, at such result would remain only the third. Danes and Swedes have consulted with the problem without effort, and for persuasiveness last goal has been hammered for a minute up to the end, and Italians have gone home. In general - that, anybody Danes with Swedes to accuse of dishonesty did not become — “ Skuadra Adzurra “ has sunk itself.

Now Chezare Prandelli with the command can count that to Spaniards as to world champions, will be shameful to draw in last match and by that to allow to suspect itself of dishonest game. Hope, frankly speaking, rather weak — when on a game there is a quarterfinal of the European championship and there is a result which will suit all, it, as a rule, achieve. More likely Italians should hope for Croats — children of Slavena Bilicha mad enough to see especial valour in beating out from tournament of the favourite. Eventually, they in match absolutely not necessary to them on “ Wembley “ have beaten Englishmen, having left them without the previous European championship and having sent for Euro - 2008 Russian national team. Bilich then rejoiced so, as if it with the “ Fate - a gang “ has won the World championship. From Croats it begins to play against Spain, as if last time, — only Italians also can count on it.

However even if Croats will get out of a skin, absolutely unevidently that they can beat Spain. In the first match, against Italy, world champions played dullishly, but all the same looked solidly. But in the second have played the pleasure and have smeared across the field a poor Irish national team. If someone considers that business in weakness of Irish, will enough remember that in a match with the same contender the victory has got to Croats absolutely hardly.

Spaniards, as well as it is necessary to the favourite, type the form to plej - off and with each match all become stronger. They will struggle hardly for a victory in the third round of group tournament, they have no need to spend in vain forces, but here to lose — it too is doubtful. It seems that it is time to tell to Italians “ good-bye “.