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Holland has eclipsed Russia

In to death group modular Holland and Denmark

In " could not survive; to death group modular Holland and Denmark could not survive. And if the departure of Scandinavians was assumed in advance failure of Dutches has deprived the European championship of one of favourites. After the termination of the third round in group B the first steams chetvertfinalistov were defined: German national team will play against the Greeks who have offended us, and Portugueses in contenders managed Czechs.

a problem Orange before last round was very difficult - in - the first, they should win at Portugal with a difference in two balls, and in - the second, to hope that Germans will show adherence to principles and will win against Denmark in a match in which it was also a drawn game enough. In this case Holland, having typed only three points, could leave group from the second place.

all Has begun for Holland absolutely not bad. Already on 11 - j to minute Raphael van der Vaart fantastic blow has opened the account and has deduced Holland forward, and on 19 - j to minute Lukas Podolski has hammered into gate of modular Denmark in a parallel match, and, thus, Orange it was necessary to score only one goal to leave in a quarterfinal. This mission seemed quite vypolnimoj - to Bert van to Marvejk, the instructor of modular Holland, obviously planned to deduce a command on peak of the form more close to plej - off, and in the third match recent finalists of the World championship were already similar to themselves.

But also Portugueses were not going to threaten hit in a quarterfinal, and they too to last round have strongly added. Game went on counter courses, and the match has turned out one of the best on tournament. Dutches have missed a couple of certain moments, for what have there and then paid - Krishtianu Ronaldu on an outcome of half an hour of game has evened up scores, having scored the first goal on tournament. For five minutes before have evened up scores both Danes, and position of Holland became absolutely pitiable.

Probably, believe Dutches that impossible it is possible they could organise naval on gate of the contender which would allow them to win a match simply at least. But it was, of course, uneasy. To the second time of Robben with partners have simply surrendered. Portugueses have grasped advantage and for 15 minutes till the end of a match could hammer and the second goal - has caused a stir again Krishtianu Ronaldu, the best player of this meeting. Moreover, be Portugueses hardly are less prodigal, they could bring matters to defeat. However, and so it has not bad turned out - Dutches go home, having lost three matches successively. Hardly such failure it will manage to be forgotten soon, on this background Russian national team failures grow dim even.

Germans, true to themselves, have pulled out a victory last minutes the match and left in a quarterfinal with opposite result - in three matches they have gained three victories. The first quarterfinal, Czechia - Portugal, will take place on June, 21st, the second, with participation of Germany and Greece, on June, 22nd.