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Arshavin - to fans about game for Euro - 2012: These are your problems

the Halfback of Russian national team Andrey Arshavin has extremely rigidly passed an opinion on unsuccessful performance of our national team for Euro - 2012. that we have not justified your expectations is not our problems. These are your problems. When I will be in the Duma then I will report to you - he has declared. The former president RFS Vyacheslav Koloskov is assured that such words are unworthy the captain of the modular Russian Federation.

Andrey Arshavin has stated The sharp estimation after a match with Greece in a hotel hall Bristol . It has talked to fans of a national team on the raised tones and has explained to them that defeat in the European championship is their problem, instead of a national team. we have lost, because have not hammered, and Greeks have hammered. From these conversations the result all the same will not change - Arshavin has declared to football fans.

Certainly, such words are unworthy the captain of a national team. Arshavin never was in a role of those people, which at own expense went through all country to support a command. Recently I have met people from Southern - Sahalinska, which have specially arrived to look at good football and to be ill for a national team. Many risk the health. All command should bow low to these children - the former president of the Russian football union (RFS) Vyacheslav Koloskov considers.

It has negatively concerned words of the captain of Russian national team of Andrey Arshavina, turned to fans. fans come to see good football and full self-return from players, desire to stand for the Native land. Instead the captain says that it not a problem of players, and a problem of fans. I consider that such captain should not be in a national team - has declared g - n Cones in interview to a site the Championship. com .

Later Andrey Arshavin already has more frostily commented on match results. that with Poland that with Greece we did not force necessary pressure upon defenders of the contender that is why did not hammer. Held a ball reliably, in transfers with Greeks unlike the previous game were not mistaken, but all it was slowly and predictedly - he has noted. there was no sparkle, explosion in this or that moment, that is there was no the ending crowning all command efforts - Arshavin has explained failure of Russia. on a shower of a cat scrape - he has added, the newspaper " transfers; Sports - the Express train .

One more moment in behaviour of players of the Russian national team also has unpleasantly surprised all not indifferent to football. On Sunday, on June, 17th, Russian national team after fiasco in the European championship has arrived to Moscow. And fans have not arrived to meet our football players.

All has developed so that the departure of flight from Warsaw has been postponed more than for an hour from - for long loadings of luggage. Our delegation was in the plane in expectation of a departure more than one and a half hours. As a result the plane with a command has landed not in 14. 00, and in 17. 05. Besides, flight has arrived not to the Sheremetyevo as it often happens, and in Vnukovo - 3 (the airport used for service of special flights of the government of Moscow, aircraft of Russian Space Department and business - aircraft). In a word, RFS has tried to make everything that on a maximum to protect football players from fans and journalists.

Besides it, as a part of delegation were absent Alexander Kerzhakov, Igor Deniss and Marat Izmaylov, left capital of Poland even at night. Also before others there have left president RFS Sergey Fursenko and the head coach of a command of Dik the Lawyer.

All remained players as well as before a departure to Russia from Warsaw, have preferred to ignore thorny questions of present journalists and fans. It seemed, Andrey Arshavin pretended that there is in the airport one. The only thing who had enough forces to address to journalists who all - taki have arrived to meet football players, there was a halfback of Russians Alan Dzagoev to whom 22 years on June, 17th were executed. Its words became the complete antithesis to that Arshavin has declared a day ago.

I would like to apologise before fans. Really, we played very badly. First of all it would be desirable to express gratitude to fans of Russian national team who supported us in Poland and were ill screens of TVs, - Alan Dzagoev as informs " has noted; Sports - the Express train . - We tried to show everything, on what are capable, and are madly upset by that could not make it .

We tried to hammer, but, unfortunately, could not. I will repeat, it is madly insulting, after all all country waited from us for an exit from group, and we understood it - the sportsman has underlined.

would not began to aggravate all. Certainly, it is serious blow. That all to digest and realise, time " actually is required; - the halfback of the Russian national team Marat Izmaylov has told. He has explained, why the command has not approached to fans after a match. I think, all are ready to apologise for this. We have been very upset, here and absolutely correct reaction from our party has gone not... I want from the face all command to thank fans who were at stadium or worried at TVs. Many thanks that they so supported the country - he has declared.

the Halfback of our command the Novel Shirokov, in turn, has explained that anybody from a command has not thanked fans after a match from - for frustration by a game result.

At the same time Dik the Lawyer, despite of everything, has highly appreciated the contribution to the Russian national team. I on - former am proud of the work. It is just necessary to hammer more. In the first game it has turned out, today - is not present. I will not condemn the players - he has declared, informs a press - service RFS.

Actually not so it is important that others think of me. I consider, we had a good command which has spent 16 matches without defeats. That today there was it is simple football - he has commented on an outcome of a match with Greece.

All is very simple: we have passed a goal and could not hammer into the answer. In the second time very hard it was necessary against such command, as Greece. If you consider that we played badly then you looked other game - he has concluded.

on June, 16th wards of Dika of the Lawyer have conceded to Greece in a final match of a group stage of Euro - 2012 with the account 0:1 and have occupied in group only 3 - e a place, without having passed, thus, in plej - off the European championship.