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Russians move to country houses

Having been satiated “ olinkljuzivom “ in resort hotels, Russian tourists even more often rent profitable houses

Having destroyed still in the middle of 1980 - h years “ the Iron Curtain “ Russians only became today appreciable players in the market of rent of foreign habitation. Last year lodgers of foreign profitable houses of a steel of 1,7 million citizens of Russia, and this year realtors wait on a visit 1,85 million Russians. According to experts, world financial crisis becomes the locomotive of the further growth.

Annually for limits of our Native land temporarily leave more than 30 million Russians. Third of them is made by tourists, and the others - students, travellers and “ shuttles “ have counted up in the international agency of real estate Gordon Rock. The overwhelming majority of migrating compatriots traditionally live in hotels, and only 3-5 % of our fellow citizens agree to remove separate apartments, president Gordon Rock Stanislav Zingel marks.

Nevertheless last ten years steady growth of demand among Russians on rent habitation abroad is observed, but this dynamics is minimum - 5-10 % a year, head of a consulting portal of investments into real estate Indriksons speaks. ru Igor Indriksons. By words g - on Zingelja, in 2000 the capacity of the Russian market of rent of foreign habitation did not reach 1 million persons. Since then, according to interrogated daily experts, this indicator has increased twice and has made last year 1,7 million persons (an annual gain - 15 %). This year Gordon Rock prophesies to foreign profitable houses of 1,85 million lodgers from Russia.

in the Summer Russians can fill up pockets of resort house owners of Bulgaria, Montenegro, France, Finland, Italy, Spain, Greece, Cyprus and the USA. In the winter seasonal rent as the companion of individual tourism is extended on mounting skiing resorts of Europe and in such tourist centres of the world as Paris, London, New York, Prague and Vienna, marks g - n Zingel. Also Russians start to master the rent markets of habitation of Vietnam, Barbados, the Atlantic coast of France, and also Africa and Latin America, head of sales of foreign real estate Moscow Sotheby’s International Realty Tatyana Nikishin adds.

to Rent habitation abroad to Russians while it is favourable for long term - on three - four months, experts mark. When vacation or business trip last no more than two weeks, our compatriots prefer to stop in hotels, Igor Indriksons speaks. Nevertheless, according to Gordon Rock, annually long-term rent use not less than 200 thousand persons. To refuse hotels in favour of country houses and apartments of our fellow citizens the melancholy on a house cosiness and an infrastructure compels, Tatyana Nikishin explains. In 70 % of cases Russians rent apartments, and in 30 % - country houses, Igor Indriksons speaks. Their average area makes 60-80 and 250-300 sq. m accordingly, general director Penny Lane Realty George Dzagurov adds.

Rent of foreign habitation frequently is the precondition for its further purchase. “ Russians always at first preferred to rent real estate abroad, and then, getting used to local realities, to buy, - George Dzagurov speaks. - Today this order became even more actual: many have burnt on real estate acquisition in Bulgaria, Spain, the USA and in Cyprus where on a wave of an economic crisis of the price have considerably decreased “.

During recession there are no available assets on purchase of own habitation, and to receive bank financing is problematic enough, the regional director of department of inhabited real estate Knight Frank Elena Jurgeneva explains. In the nearest two - three years in Europe will prevail rent transactions then sale prices of real estate will decrease also demand for habitation purchase will grow, considers g - zha Nikishin.

Under its data, over the last ten years cost of rent of habitation has abroad grown approximately twice, however last year considerable dynamics was not and this year it is not expected. “ in the countries of the first echelon (France, Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain) to remove apartments with two bedrooms it is possible for 400 euros a week, - Igor Indriksons speaks. - In Spain, Greece and in Cyprus the rent rate will make 300 euros a week, and in the countries of the third echelon (Bulgaria, Thailand) - 200 euros a week “. According to the expert, rent of the house will be twice more expensive, rather than apartments. In both cases the long-term I will eat - on four - six months - will manage more cheaply approximately twice.