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Sergey Korneyev - On all ratings Petersburg corresponds to representation about the classical European tourist centre

in Petersburg the vice-president of the Russian union of the tourist`s industry Sergey Korneyev has shared with the correspondent daily Sergey Kovalchenko The opinion on a level of development of a tourist infrastructure.

- the Stream of tourists to St.-Petersburg, given during crisis, it has started to be restored, however till now it is not comparable with level of attendance of the European capitals. To how much comfortably tourists to happen in a city on Neva, whether we can achieve parity with the European cities?

- On all ratings, both international, and internal, we quite correspond to representation about the classical European tourist centre. In a city of enough focusing information, specialised sites, police work also is up to the mark. Proceeding from the statistics data, level of safety of tourists in the same Paris now more low, and quantity of incidents with them above, than in Petersburg. The same it is possible to tell about New York and London.

If to compare Petersburg to the European capitals on number of arriving tourists our city on this indicator, of course, loses as there are two deterrents. In the European capitals the basic tourist`s stream is formed at the expense of citizens of EU. Conditionally speaking, the German has sat down on the car - and in the evening it in Prague. We, though geographically are in Europe, are remote from its centre, us to reach longer. Therefore tourist`s stream growth to Petersburg depends on availability of transport. Will come here loukostery, and the quantity of tourists will increase. There was a ferry communication, and at once we fix growth of visa-free ferry tourists.

the Second moment - Europeans have got used to travel without visas, and we the country visa, and and our visa structure is difficult. Besides, is also migratory formalities, which, in my opinion, for tourists in general izlishni. Recently in Europe it is a lot of day off trips - such rounds provide to 40 % of a stream. From - for visa problems Petersburg accept such tourists cannot.

- In your opinion, whether Petersburg is interesting to foreign tourists still by something, besides a historical heritage?

- There was a modern art museum - and at once there have gone both Russian, and foreign tourists. To a classical heritage something else always should be added. As soon as it appears, formed demand. At all respect for the Hermitage and Peterhof if the person comes with children all time there you will not spend - something else is necessary.

Nevertheless, of course, cultural - informative tourism at us while on the first place. But there are two more trends which should develop is a business tourism and family tourism. On the last summit G8, on just last summit Russia - EU it is visible that St.-Petersburg - a good platform for political actions, and round such events business forums, as a rule, start to be grouped. But while to hold such forums from - for deficiency of platforms inconveniently.

For development of family tourism we do not have not enough creative spaces are tourist zones where it is possible to spend time with a family and children. Now such zones are formed: there were foot streets, cafe, there is a project Museum quarter. The zone of Strelna actively develops - Peterhof but while it is all is in process of development. On such zones (them sometimes name klasterami), tourist industry economy keeps, after all tourists with children spend more money, than childless.

- whether it is Enough in a city of a hotel infrastructure? Whether new hotels are necessary to a city? If yes, what?

- the Infrastructure, of course, is not in time and cannot be in time behind a tourist`s stream. After all the tourist makes decision earliest for half a year to trip, and the investor, decided to construct hotel, much longer term is required. A problem, perhaps, in some segments. In my opinion, there are no hotels superlux - absolute luxury where stars stop - such objects would be claimed. The second - does not suffice category hotels two stars with the European standards of service and the low price in which there is a possibility to lodge group from 150 persons. The number of such tourists, especially at white nights, grows.

the Third segment - youth travel. Students, as a rule, stop in hostelah, which in Petersburg more than in Moscow or any other city of Russia. However all the same it is not enough their quantity.

- whether There are in Petersburg objects attractive to tourists out of the historical centre? For example, in the European cities tourists actively visit socially - business quarters - in Paris are photographed against area Defans skyscrapers, in London walk on Keneri - Uorf. It is how much important to develop such territories in our city?

- it is very important, and I consider that in it the big future of tourism. Such spaces appear - the Museum quarter connecting the classical centre behind the Isaakievsky area with New Holland, New Holland with its projects...

If to speak about prospect the part of the industrial enterprises on the sly moves from a city, and the former industrial zones can become tourist territories. It is beautiful and unusual.
tourism development very much depends on development of areas and territories in this direction. The seaside area when will construct Lahta - the centre, too can involve tourists.