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The general director of group of companies TSDS Michael Medvedev: Now the market is stabler, than three years ago

Conditions and game rules in the building market periodically change, and in it there is nothing dramatic, the general director of the Group of companies " is assured; TSDS Michael Medvedev. About to what strategy intend to adhere TSDS he has told to the correspondent daily to Tatyana Krylevsky.

- What, in your opinion, trends in the building market are formed now or already generated?

- the Market became much more civilised as from buyers, and from outside prodavtsovstroitelej. Buyers are more informed both on the builder, and about object, than last years. They became more grounded legally. And as to builders they observe the legislation, than earlier much more carefully.

- It was necessary to hear opinion that the building market all - taki while was insufficiently restored after crisis. In what it a condition now?

- the Market of Petersburg, probably, on lifting, and, besides, is much stabler, than three years ago. I hope that if there will be such situation as today, approximately with the same order of the prices for oil and without special shocks, the prices for apartments will grow on 10 - 15 % by the end of the year. This that growth which is necessary for market development.

- That enters into strategy TSDS the next years?

- In - the first, this increase in quantity of under construction objects - while in Petersburg and Leningrad region. In - the second, the further work on such internal structure of the company which already allows to work today at new level. We aspire to an indicator of building and sales within 500 - 600 thousand 2 In a year, it is our purpose on three - four years forward. In a year - two we will leave, probably, already on the capital market.

- As changes in town-planning specifications and requirements can affect plans?

- Similar transformations occur from time to time, but on that we and professional participants of the market that with these changes to work. The most important thing that there were no big external shocks that the general state of the economy of Russia was stable enough. And to the rest we will get used to all.

- What uneasy problems were already solved for itself by your company?

- Before us when - that there was a problem to create effectively operating collective, and today it is is the first. The second - is accumulated enough considerable quantity of the ground areas with which we can work in the nearest 10 - 15 years. But thus we constantly are in search of the new earths and constantly we increase ground bank.

- What it at present?

- Today almost 3,5 million in sq. m. If for 2011 we have handed over it in Petersburg of 190 thousand 2 habitation have got sites on which it is possible to construct about 600 thousand 2. This year, I think, it will be got a 800 thousand order 2 sites.

- At you developed enough partner relations with banks. On what way assume to move from the point of view of joint programs?

- In partners at us today 17 banks, think that in the nearest their couple of months becomes on 5 - 7 more. On termination of this process we begin to co-operate with all basic banks which give mortgage loans for apartment purchase in Petersburg and Leningrad region. Joint programs with some banks allow to create more loyal conditions to clients of our company: Actions increase an entering stream of clients in bank, from here - the reduced first payment for apartment purchase in a mortgage, the lowered interest rates. Also we offer apartments in our houses and through branches bankovpartnerov in many Russian regions. And the partnership with banks brings to us approximately 25 % in total amount of sales.

- What inhabited real estate is most claimed today in Petersburg?

- My opinion remains last 10 years invariable: the mass segment as the standard of living and the income of the majority of the population does not allow to make purchase of habitation business - a class is most claimed. And in intermediate term prospect, in my opinion, acquisition of habitation of a mass segment will be a basis of the market both in Petersburg, and in regions. Today cost of such habitation within 75 thousand roubles for sq. m. Metric area of one-room apartments - about 40 sq. m, two-room - 54 sq. m, three-room - no more than 68 sq. m. Northern areas are most popular: Vyborg, Seaside, Kalininsky.