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the Sum a Telecom the Company will look after cargo

wants to enter the market of services for transport companies

As it became known daily, the company the Sum a Telecom entering into group the Sum Zijavudina Magomedov, intend to enter the market of telematic and navigating services. The operator intends to buy shares in a number of players of this market to involve their clients. Including negotiations go with the companies Caesar Satellit (security and anticreeping systems) and the Lasso (safety services).

that the operator the Sum a Telecom carries on negotiations with several Russian players of the market of telematic and navigating services for purchase possibility in share holdings some of them, two participants of this market have told and have confirmed in the company. in particular, it is a question of such actives, as Caesar Satellit (Security and anticreeping systems), the Lasso (safety services), the Echelon (satellite security system), and also about the companies which are engaged in monitoring of corporate transport. With them already there are negotiations - tells one of sources daily.

One more participant of the market asserts that in a similar way the company expects to involve subscribers b2b - a segment and in the future at development of own cellular network to switch them to itself: the company has allowing documents on use of an extensive frequency range, but there is no user`s base and base stations for an announcement on frequencies belonging to them. So to enter the market of rendering of services of wireless data transmission now for the company it is dangerous. For this purpose the Sum wants to receive the initial user`s base consisting of corporate users, which consume services m2m (Machine - to - Machine) .

In a press - company service the Sum a Telecom notice that the company as one of members of noncommercial partnership Assistance to development and use of navigating technologies considers for itself the market of navigating services as perspective and investitsionno the attractive. for today we form the list of potential suppliers of decisions for realisation of this project - speak in the company. In Caesar Satellit have refused comments. To Contact representatives the Lasso it was not possible.