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The margin on mobile freedom

Operators insist on making service of shipping of number paid

On Friday session scientifically - the technical council Minkomsvjazi which participants have discussed prospects of introduction of a principle of shipping of number in Russia has taken place. Operators the big three in particular MTS and Vympelcom during discussion insisted on making this service paid, but their requests remained are not satisfied.

participants of session have told About negotiations of the cellular companies and a regulator daily. arguments at operators the simple. The organisation of possibility of shipping of number represents service which the operator renders to the subscriber. This service cannot be free as the transferring operator objectively has additional expenses on the organisation of such shipping - tells one of sources. He notices that if expenses are not compensated by the subscriber, wishing to use such service expenses for it will be born by other subscribers who have not used service.

the Initiative of operators, participants of meeting mark, has not been supported by deputy minister Naumom Marderom. In conversation with daily the deputy minister has explained that Dmitry Medvedev`s commission on introduction of principle MNP which it gave in the status of the president, contains an indispensable condition: service should be free. and whatever were the economic justifications of operators, we should take into consideration a wish of the president - explains g - n Marder.

Cellular operators warn: if service remains free, it can lead to increase of tariffs for cellular communication. A press - the secretary Vympelcom Anna Ajbasheva reminds that shipping of numbers is not the commercial project, and is entered on request of a regulator. Introduction of a principle will demand expenses from all participating operators and creates additional loading on a network not only from operators of mobile communication, but also from fixed too - marks g - zha Ajbasheva. Practice, applicable in any branch, means that service is paid by the one who uses it. The same principle would be logical for applying and to shipping of number. If service is legislatively certain as free in connection with carrying over of number operators will be compelled to redistribute expenses for other subscribers or to reduce investments into development of networks and start of other services - ascertains a press - the secretary of MTS of Valery Kuzmenko.

the Megaphone did not propose to make service of shipping of numbers paid for subscribers, its representative Julia Dorohina reminds. She says that this question, according to the operator, not the most important in realisation MNP . Main point in technical realisation of the given initiative, and also definition of the scheme of the admission of the traffic - tells g - zha Dorohina.

the Representative of operator MTT (has organised the test zone first in Russia on shipping of numbers) Denis Borushevsky considers what compensate expenses for introduction MNP operators can not only at the expense of subscribers, but also for the account each other. in some countries process is organised in such a manner that operators pay each other the commission for each passing subscriber - explains g - n Borushevsky. Meanwhile operators do not exclude that will address in the government with the request all - taki to make service paid, tell the informed sources.