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The director severo - the western branch the Megaphone : We compete not only among themselves, but also to public opinion

the Telecommunication market is some years in a stage of constant technological race. Consumers not always have time to notice alternation of generations of digital formats of communication. actually, they should not think of that at all in what networks of generation are. Simply all should work, both every year faster and faster - director Severo - the Western branch " speaks; the Megaphone Denis Malyshev. How the company in the conditions of promptly growing volume of the transferred traffic develops, gn Malyshev has told to the correspondent daily Artemu Sotnikovu.

- What share in a gain of Severo - the Western branch the Megaphone it is necessary on the services which have been not connected with granting of the vocal traffic? In your opinion, how the structure of incomes of the operator the next years will change?

- Changes revolutionary. Some years ago even it was impossible to imagine that the person will download on the mobile Internet 400 gigabajt information for a week, and today it is, of course, impressing, but not fantastic figure. If to speak about money it is necessary to consider that though the traffic has grown in tens times, the prices have fallen also in tens times. Yet so a long time the mbyte cost 7 rbl., and now on some tariffs - 4 copecks. Thus quality of service too has grown on usages. All aforesaid, naturally, has affected structure of our incomes. Today about 15 % of a mobile gain is a data transmission. But here still curious figure: if to translate the vocal traffic in mbytes it will occupy only one percent from the general traffic in our network.

- One year ago you said that the market of services of data transmission is in a formation stage. By this time this formation is finished or still is not present? How shares of participants in this market are now distributed? How much the market of services of data transmission has grown for 2011?

- the Market is still formed, and I do not think that at such dynamics of development of branch it will be definitively generated this year or in the following. By our estimations, in 2011 the market of mobile data transmission has grown on third by 2010 Certainly, this year rates of increase will be slowed down and will make about half of growth of 2011

- There is a sensation that a TV set - the market in the last some decades constantly stay in technological race. Whether operators have time to fix profit on the made investments before there is a following generation of communication?

- Sensation at you correct. It is difficult to me to present more competitive market, than cellular communication to Russia. Also we compete not only among themselves, but also if so it is possible to tell, with public opinion. Insufficiently fast reduction of prices or not so fast growth of speeds causes a storm in a blog sphere and in mass-media. The prices grow in the country almost on everything, but as - that is considered it natural. Cellular operators reduce the prices constantly, but criticism fire does not abate. All operators aspire to offer more and more favourable conditions, raising thus quality. In such conditions, naturally, the recoupment of projects falls. I already above spoke, for some years speed of transfer has grown almost in 100 times, the price has fallen in 50. It is not necessary to be Warren Baffetom to tell that this economic model differs from a situation of ten years` prescription a little. But demand for the mobile Internet is so great also potential so is considerable that success of the cellular companies in sredne - and long-term prospect does not cause doubts.

- In your opinion, what prospects of the fixed-line telephony, the fixed access to the Internet? Whether it will remain as a kind, or soon approaches general mobilisation ? If yes, through how many years it can occur?

- Anywhere wires will not get to. The content becomes so various and so heavy that only wireless technologies will not satisfy demand. The film in blue ray, of course, can be downloaded in networks 4G, but, probably, to use wire technologies for such purposes more reasonably.

- whether It is planned to translate all got actives, in particular in a fixed-line telephony, on a uniform brand?

- partially such work is already spent. As to the further plans we proceed, first of all, from necessity to keep and provide high level of service to those our clients who are clients of our affiliated companies, and transfer of all actives into a uniform brand will be carried out by us gradually.

- Now there is an active development of networks 3G, but there were already also networks of the fourth generation. How you consider, operators should throw 3G and at once to pass to networks of following generation or it is necessary to develop the given types of communication in parallel?

- Standard LTE we consider as evolutionary development of networks 3G. And, certainly, we will continue to develop our networks of all generations. I at all would not speak about any watershed in connection with start 4G. Now to this fact give so much attention that the sensation of a certain supernatural event in start LTE can be created. As though worked nothing, and here, the miracle now will come true. It not so. The miracle is already made. Average speed in 3 - 4 Mbit a second - a reality of today. Certainly, in networks 4 - go generations it will be above (now in Moscow we leave on level 10 - 15 Mbit a second, and it is possible and more). But it does not mean that there where while is not present 4G, - the Stone Age. a megaphone has lifted a lath of the mobile Internet so highly that 4G is perfection and strengthening of our leadership, but not unexpected jerk from the basic group working in this branch. It seems to me, many consumers already have so got used that the mobile Internet - territory the Megaphone that a question who the first will start 4G at anybody has not arisen. Nevertheless and to develop networks of the second and third generation we will continue. Actually, the consumer should not think of that at all in what networks of generation it is. Simply all should work, both every year faster and faster.

- What plans on network start 4G in Petersburg?

- the Network 4G in standard LTE is already started in Novosibirsk, Moscow, Sochi, Samara and Krasnodar. In St.-Petersburg the network of the fourth generation will be started the next three months. Now we spend a scale spadework. The problem - to offer our clients qualitative communication 4 generations (LTE), is similar to how it has been realised by us at transition from a network 2 generations (2G) to communication standards 3 generations (3G).

- what possibilities will give to subscribers of a network 4G? How much given possibilities, in your opinion, are claimed by subscribers?

- the Huge speed providing transfer of huge volume of the information. Today, when time for acceptance of correct decisions is measured in business by minutes, instead of days as was still more recently, the fast and mobile Internet sverhvostrebovan among business audience. Well and, of course, demand for constant access to the Internet promptly grows from fans sotssetej (and such now millions), and many want to load a video content and very quickly. 4G allows to reach speeds to 50 Mbit a second, at a considerable quantity of users in a network and owing to other factors real average speed can be up to standard of 10 Mbit a second that too it is very quite good. At such speed on zakachivanie a video file few minutes will leave.