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the United Russia party member has won stability Omsk at record-breaking low appearance

United Russia party member Vyacheslav Dvorakovsky has won early election of the mayor of Omsk at record-breaking low appearance. In total for it than 8 % from number omichej, having the right to vote though the party in power will represent for certain it as the victory have voted no more.

By the time of delivery of number the municipal electoral committee has not published official results of elections of the mayor of Omsk, however, according to association calculations the Voice and to the data of staffs of candidates, the chief engineer of the influential building company " has won; mostovik Vyacheslav Dvorakovsky, 50 % which have typed an order at the general appearance hardly more than 15 %.

In spite of the fact that the appearance of voters on elections in Omsk has appeared is pitiable low, necessity though any changes in municipal authority is felt in a city already at a passing. When after a rain you go on a city at all it is not necessary to open a window, differently in car salon the piece of the dirt which has escaped from - under wheels of the car which has got a pothole which on roads it is enough can fly.

the Dirt in streets sovereignly occupied roads, sidewalks and those places where there should be a lawn. Even the centre of a million city, short of historical building of the beginning of the XX-th century, looks slovenly: from facades in large quantities oblupljaetsja a paint, tens buildings for years stand the thrown. we even cannot mention other large country towns in comparison with which Omsk would look uncomfortable " in plots; - the employee local state 12 channels complains, whose plot has been removed from an aether from - that there was told about sotsprogrammah in Novosibirsk.

G - n Dvorakovsky actually went on elections the uniform candidate from the power. Last two years continuous struggle between city administration and governor Leonid Polezhaev in which result eks - mayor Victor Shrejder has been compelled to leave ahead of schedule the post proceeded 20 years correcting more, having left in December of last year the deputy in the State Duma. And the nominee Dvorokovsky suited also a command of the old mayor, and governor Polezhaev who has retired in May, and the new head of region Victor Nazarov. However in conversation with daily g - n Dvorakovsky has already promised to begin cleanings in a former city command. dismissals, most likely, will be. First of all we will begin with an estimation of efficiency of operating employees - the United Russia party member after the announcement of preliminary results of elections has told.

Unlike mayor elections of two-year prescription, when 20 years correcting more governor of the region Leonid Polezhaev has arrived on polling district with United Russia party member Victor Shrejderom who has won a result to pat it shoulder in front of the chambers, the new head of region Victor Nazarov has led less defiantly. Though on the eve of elections g - n Nazarov also has declared that supports g - on Dvorakovsky, to the Wick it has come with the spouse and the son and was limited only to words that it voted for stability of development of region . On a question of the correspondent daily, whether arrange g - on Nazarov roads to Omsk and whether it in a kind under stability has preservation of their quality, the governor, a few having faltered, has answered: No, I am not happy (roads). I voted for stability in new understanding of this word, instead of that is today .

Election campaign of opposition has not rendered the big resistance to the candidate from United Russia . we do not have huge money, as at the proimperious candidate. But we communicated directly with our voters - the candidate from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Victor Zharkov who has typed as a result of an order of 30 % has explained. Communists had good chances before mayor elections, having won against United Russia party members in Omsk on the Duma and municipal elections, however in a city there was no publicity board with g - nom Zharkovym, as well as propagandas on TV.

the Considerable budget for regional elections has been spent by the candidate from eserov Irina Overinoj, however it was easily compensated by absurdity of appeals on billboards: Reliable hands, clean trousers! the mayoress: work and an order and to Muzhiks of belief is not present . And on the majority of publicity boards g - on Dvorakovsky is not present not only a logo an United Russia but also they are issued in is yellow - the orange scale which is not associating with traditional symbolics of the party in power.

Thanks to military, police and other controllable voters Dvorakovsky it will be possible to collect a minimum of 30 thousand votes that at a low appearance will give it a minimum of 15 % of odds and will make trudnodosjagaemym - the candidate from " assumed a day before the election day; the Apple Alexander Korotkov.

As a rule, the more low a standard of living, the more low a political involvement of the population. Where people have achieved the well-being, they want and demand it is more, and the people living not too well, are afraid to lose that small that at them is. It also was showed in Omsk where it is a lot of problems - tells zamrukovoditelja associations the Voice Grigory Melkonjants who has noticed also about low activity of local observers, but specified that gross infringements on elections in Omsk were not.

Certainly, from the point of view of the law all is legitimate, but from the point of view socially - political it very annoyingly. And first of all for the city - has commented on a low appearance itself g - n Dvorakovsky.