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natsional - democrats reconcile with liberals

Michael Khodorkovsky wants to formulate ideology of opposition

Eks - the head of YUKOS Michael Khodorkovsky has acted with new program article “ Between empire and the national state “ in which has opposed “ ethnic question hushings up “. Despite the begun interaction between liberals and a part of nationalists, they are not interested in association.

For last year - ones and a half in the nationalist environment there was a tendency new to our country to formation natsional - a democratic wing of politicians. To it the nationalists who have refused rabble-rousing rhetoric belong. Basically now they are united round initiatives on a party creation “ New force “ and Natsional - democratic party. Among liberal groups most actively for cooperation with them acts “ the Democratic choice “.

One of leaders “ the Democratic choice “ Sergey Zhavoronkov, has told daily that in Michael Khodorkovsky`s article has seen acknowledgement of many ideological installations of the party, has reminded that with similar appeals Alexey Navalnyj, a part of the former participants ­" acts­; the Just cause “ - such approach already has serious distribution to the liberal environment.

G - n Larks says that “ the Democratic choice “ considers natsional - democrats as allies: earlier they together did campaign “ Will suffice to feed caucasus “ now many liberals support Daniel Konstantinova - one of leaders of the moderate nationalists, being in a pre-trial detention centre on charge in murder. Many oppositionists consider business against it political.

However, g - n Larks marks also ideological distinctions with natsional - democrats: “ They consist in economic sphere, we more right, and they, for example, bring an attention to the question on revision of results of privatisation. At us the different relation to Yeltsin, to 90 - m “.

“ Many nationalists concern Khodorkovsky with hostility, I personally to it do not test hostility “ - Alla Gorbunova, a member of organising committee " speaks; New force “. G - zha Gorbunova notices that cooperation of nationalists and liberals has begun with meetings in December. In the last “ the March of millions “ the impressive column of nationalists participated. G - zha Gorbunova assumes that cooperation between liberals and natsional - democrats will occur now round preparation of a September oppositional march.

as Allies of liberals nationalists consider not all. Traditional for our country far right, nowadays united in movement “ Russian “ Repeatedly made statements that participate in the general protest actions, but as much as possible separate from “ boys from 90 - h “. Also many nationalists co-operate with the Congress of Russian communities densely co-operating with “ an United Russia “. Cooperation between nationalist groups, without dependence from their relation both to the Kremlin, and to its liberal opponents is adjusted also.

However, not all liberals divide Michael Khodorkovsky`s point of view. Alexander Verhovsky, the director of the centre “ the Owl “ has told daily that considers that in article g - on Khodorkovsky the approach to international problems from that point of view is presented that the mankind is not simply divided into ethnoses, but “ these sushchnostej have certain interests, the rights, they are subjects of a policy. They, instead of separate citizens “.

G - n Verhovsky explains occurrence of this article by that, being in prison, Michael Khodorkovsky tries to formulate ideology for power opposition. However, g - n Verhovsky does not think that this article will strongly change the Russian ­ political life: earlier Michael Khodorkovsky called liberals to “ to the left turn “ but it has a little affected democratic opposition.