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Liberal merge

the Apple Parnassus and Republican Party can agree about cooperation

Parnassus and Republican Party of Russia have definitively issued merge and have confirmed Vladimir Ryzhkova, Michael Kasyanov and Boris Nemtsov co-chairmen. On turn the Apple which does not exclude cooperation with again formed liberal structure.

At Republican Party congress in which also members of Parnassus which has merged with it also took part, the decision to unite and the name of parties was accepted. At the head of RP - Parnassus three co-chairmen have been confirmed: Vladimir Ryzhkov, Michael Kasyanov and Boris Nemtsov. As has explained daily g - n Nemtsov, they are not going to divide funktsional, and all questions will solve together: At us incorporated party, we try to do all together, and, despite set of attempts us peressorit, it was possible to nobody .

Overall objectives of the updated party of a policy have put re-elections in the State Duma and carrying out of early election of the president. Besides, it is offered to achieve decrease in a selective barrier to 3 %, prohibitions to hold a post of the president more than two times, replacement of traffic police by traffic police and conscription cancellation.

It is party which in the political declaration has declared that considers as the main task realisation of requirements Marsh and Saharova, other such parties at us are not present. We are ready to co-operate With the congenial organisations both regarding carrying out of protest actions, and concerning elections: creation of the general lists, promotion of uniform candidates - underlines g - n Nemtsov. In particular, co-chairmen RP - Parnassus are ready to co-operate with the Apple which on the majority of questions is their adherent.

It is ready to such cooperation and itself the Apple Which also has spent to a past week-end otchetno - re-election congress. the most effective that we can achieve in the near future, it not to stir each other on municipal elections, therefore mainly we will agree about it, and there we will look - chairman of the party Sergey Mitrokhin selected on this post for the second term has underlined. Its nominee has been offered by Grigory Javlinsky, and, to surprise of presidium of party, other candidates on this post have not appeared.

Two other party members who wanted to nominate to an office the chairman, have used rejection and have refused participation. To one of them became jablochnik Maxim Reznik who has appeared got mixed up in scandal on elections in Legislative Assembly of St.-Petersburg. However, the party Political bureau was updated almost half, legal expert Valery Borschev, children`s ombudsman Evgenie Bunimovich, a member have entered into it gensoveta Business Russia Anatoly Lejrih.

As has declared during congress Grigory Javlinsky, the main tasks the Apple - to provide in Russia independent court, inviolability of the property, the equal law for all citizens, and also division of the authorities. According to Sergey Mitrokhin, jablochniki have not refused and the requirement which has been stated on mass actions in Moscow about preschedule re-elections in the State Duma and also consider illegitimate presidential election, at least because Grigory Javlinsky it is groundless to them have not admitted .