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In death of the patient Cities without drugs can accuse doctors first aid

the Assistant to the General public prosecutor of the Russian Federation Yury Ponomarev has made the order in Office of Public Prosecutor of Sverdlovsk area to inspect all circumstances of death of the former patient of fund Cities without drugs Tatyanas Kazantsevoj. According to the senior public prosecutor of management of the State Office of Public Prosecutor in Uralsk Dmitry Serebrennikov`s federal district, this decision was accepted from - for numerous inconsistent publications in local mass-media.

the premise where the woman contained, the reasons of its hospitalisation, and also the possible facts of causing of physical violence, in general, everything Will be checked up that was published in mass-media — it has explained in interview daily.

At the same time as the vice-president " has told; Cities without drugs Evgenie Malenkin, parents Tatyana have no claims to work of employees of fund. But he also has noticed that those can arise to a brigade first aid cities Berezovsky where there was a tragedy. they refused to come on our call twice, said that high temperature not an occasion for this purpose. The first time, on June, 8th, they have told: Rub off its vinegar — and the second time, on June, 9th, have advised to address to medical assistants. On June, 10th Igor Shabalin managing our centre had to tell lies, that they, at last, have arrived, he has told that at the girl an epilepsy attack — has explained g - n Malenkin.

this day Tatyana Kazantsev has run in whom, and doctors within a week tried to rescue her life, but as the employee of Berezovsky city hospital has told, the condition of its organism was so weak that it it was not possible to them. On Sunday it became known that the woman has died.

Today the pathologist of our hospital spent opening. It has not found any poisoning or something other criminal. Its diagnosis — a purulent meningitis. With such disease long do not live — the doctor, wished not to name the name has added. He also has noticed that employees of the centre, the patient whence has been brought, did not suppose any medical errors, and opposite, have made everything that was in their forces.

the Head of fund Evgenie Rojzman has informed on Tatyana`s death in the blog, having told that the miracle has not occurred, though all hoped . some years Were pricked. And last year — on a crocodile. It is sick of all. Immunity — a zero — has written g - n Rojzman. Also he has noticed that fund took all on itself also is engaged in the organisation of funeral of the young woman which still had two small children.