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Arshavinu will forbid to advertise chips

the Krasnodar deputies have suggested to punish the Russian national team on football for failure game with Greece. People`s choices have reflected on forbidding football players of Russia any commercial activity. They are assured that in this case football players should earn blood only in the field and it motivates them to play better.

Next morning after the lost match Russia - Greece which has ended for our national team with the unfavourable account 0:1, people`s choices of Krasnoyarsk regional Legislative Assembly have decided to forbid football players of Russia any commercial activity. Now in Krasnodar deputies prepare the official reference in the government of the Russian Federation. They want to learn, how many money from the budget has been spent for a trip of our national team to Warsaw and what salaries players and the trainer have received, reports.

Deputies have decided to define, who from the Russian football players is guilty in loss and in what measure. Depending on fault degrees they will choose also punishment. So, to someone want to forbid to act in film in advertising, someone to deprive of transition possibility in foreign clubs. And some football players even can get to the lowest sports leagues.

Krasnodar zakonotvortsy will direct the reference Russian vitse - to the prime minister supervising sports, Dmitry Kozaku. According to regulations, it will have a month on answer reception.

Meanwhile it not the first call thrown to our players from all who is dissatisfied with their game not Euro - 2012. So, on June, 16th, after some hours after the match termination, in the Warsaw hotel Bristol fans began to offend the Russian players who have come back from game. One of the annoyed lodgers of hotel flaunted a title of the deputy of the State Duma. Security service RFS which is nearby, could make nothing - the newspaper " informs; the Soviet sports .

to Answer claims it was necessary to the captain of Russian national team Andrey Arshavinu and the Novel to Sharonov. Fights hardly managed to be avoided.

As informed daily earlier, on June, 16th wards of Dika of the Lawyer have conceded to Greece in a final match of a group stage Euro - 2012 with the account 0:1 also have occupied in group And only 3 - e a place. Czech Republic national team in a match going in parallel has won a team of Poland also with the minimum account. Thus, in plej - off our command has not passed the European championship.