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The Moscow airports do not have not enough fuel

the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation (Ministry of Transport) intends to address in Rosrezerv with the request to put 180 thousand tons of aviation fuel in the Moscow airports. On it have informed in Federal agency of air transport (Rosaviation).
In department have noticed that the Rosaviation intends to address to the oil companies to optimise aviation fuel deliveries in the airports of Moscow. recently growth of air transportation has increased by 10 %, therefore aviation fuel is necessary - the representative of Rosaviation has told.
in the beginning of August 2011. Mass-media wrote that in Russia the rise in prices for aviation fuel again has begun - the basic suppliers declared rise in prices on 5 - 10 %. At the airports of the Moscow aviaknot (Vnukovo, the Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo) the kerosene ton has risen in price on the average for 1 thousand roubles.
It was noticed that there is a whole complex of the reasons of a rise in price of fuel, in particular growth of cost of aviation kerosene in the world market and backlog of the Russian Federation from this trend. At the European airports the price for fuel was on 10 % above, and from - for this differences foreign air carriers aspired to fill full tanks in Russia, aggravating the deficiency which has arisen in the market.
shortage of fuel has arisen from - for closings of several NPZ on reconstruction, and also creations of a new state reserve. Within the limits of new initiatives of the government the large party of aviation fuel was redeemed by the Ministry of Defence. As a result demand for aviakerosene at the Russian stock exchanges in five - six times exceeded the offer.