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EU and IMF have suspended negotiations with Greece under the credit

Inspectors international three across Greece (the European Union, the International currency fund and the European central bank) have suspended negotiations with the Greek authorities on allocation to the country of a following tranche from the demand line of credit on 110 mlrd the euro, opened in May of last year. According to representatives of the Ministry of Finance of Greece, negotiations will renew in 10 days after the project of the Greek budget on 2012 will be ready., transfers Reuters.
the First cycle of negotiations is finished. Inspectors will return to Athenes in 10 days to consider the budgetary plan on 2012. And to finish all procedures - not named representative of the ministry has informed, having underlined that negotiations are not frozen .
Meanwhile the Greek mass-media write that in consultations three With the local government there were the problems connected with insufficient execution by Greece of the budgetary purposes, EU put in the credit program - IMF.
the day before the Reuters agency has informed referring to a source close to to a three that the budgeted deficit of Greece following the results of a year will appear, at least, on 1 percentage point above the planned indicator. According to the source, it is connected with more considerable, than it was expected, reduction of the Greek economy, insufficient realisation of some of the confirmed measures of strict economy and weaker effects from already spent measures.
the official forecast of the Greek government on budgetary deficiency for 2011. Makes 7,6 % from gross national product, however now the authorities of the country and representatives international three creditors make a start from estimations of deficiency above 8,5 % of gross national product.
the European Union, IMF and the European Central Bank following the results of the next review of the Greek program of reduction of budgetary deficiency should approve allocation to the country of a new credit tranche at a rate of 8 mlrd euro. In addition to the operating credit program the European Union in the end of July has approved the new plan of the financial help of Greece for the sum 109 mlrd euro.