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The protecting duty for gasoline export can cancel in October

Ministry for the Power Generating Industry of the Russian Federation considers possibility of cancellation of the protecting duty on gasoline from new system 60/ 66 . On it has informed today on a press - the conference organised, the deputy minister of power Sergey Kudryashov. He has added that, probably, it will occur in October if the world conjuncture in the market remains.
this measure when it was provided, was time. And if correctly to read the decision there from above it is written maximum . Basically our aspiration - to return a situation that on all oil products there was a uniform norm 66 which is today. But we pass the difficult period: at us July - August when there is a maximum consumption of gasolines. Now we have passed it - has noted the deputy minister.
S.Kudryashov also has explained that at the expense of system input 60/ 66 Russia can increase export on 20 - 25 million t oil in a year. As he said, the specified volumes will be received for the account of decrease in volumes of primary oil refining and redirected for export in the form of crude oil as it is much more favourable.
as a whole system 60/ 66 over which so Ministry for the Power Generating Industry long worked, is directed on creation of such balance which would allow to solve some problems. the first - to raise depth of oil refining, to make so that investments into deepening processes, gidrokrekingi, kataliticheskie krekingi, hydroclearings were profitable. The second - to lower duties on oil. It is impossible to forget that at us it is necessary to fill a problem the budget. The third - that our offer has not led to a rise in prices for oil products in the country - has explained the deputy minister.
we will remind, the government of the Russian Federation has confirmed a new mode of calculation of export duties on oil and oil products 60/ 66 . The rate of export duties on light and dark oil products since October, 1st 2011. It is unified and will pay off with factor 0,66 (66 %) from the duty rate on oil. Thus the factor of calculation of the rate of the duty on gasolines will make 0,90 (90 %).
After occurrence of deficiency of gasoline in a number of the Russian regions of the power have quickly increased export duties by this kind of oil products. As a result the export duty on gasoline in May has made 408,3 dollars/ t that on 34 % it is more in comparison with initially planned for May and on 44 % in comparison with operating in April. For September the duty is established at level 399,7 dollars/ t.