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The auctions in Europe were closed in a minus

the Share auctions in Europe on September, 2nd 2011. Were closed by considerable decrease in leading indexes. On an outcome of the auctions serious influence was rendered by the data from the USA.
today it became known that a rate of unemployment in the USA in August 2011. In comparison with an indicator of the last month has not changed and has made 9,1 %. Such data was presented by the country Ministry of Labour. Analysts expected such outcome that has led to opening of the auctions in red to a zone, however acknowledgement has sent the market in even bolshee falling.
the data about number of workplaces in not agricultural branches of economy of the USA became the additional negative factor. In August 2011. In comparison with the last month the indicator has not changed that has appeared much worse forecasts of analysts (+75 thousand) .
Besides, Ministry of Labor of the USA has reconsidered in the smaller party the data on a gain of workplaces for June and July of current year: for these two months in economy (not including agrarian sectors) has increased on 58 thousand workplaces less, than it was informed earlier. Thus the data on a gain of workplaces for August 2011. Have appeared the most bad since September 2010. It has extremely negatively affected the termination of trading session on the European platforms.
on a negative external background the financial sector of Europe has left in a minus. In particular, securities of such banks as Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Banking Group, have fallen in price on 3 and 4,95 % accordingly. Financial institution HSBC also has lost positions: actions have fallen in price on 1,35 %.
have not pleased investors and corporate news, in particular the company, rendering medical services. So, the British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca has left in a minus after the publication of the report on research of preparation Crestor which has negatively affected its indicators. Shares of company on this background have decreased in the price for 2,66 %.
Following the results of the auctions on September, 2nd 2011. The British index FTSE 100 has decreased on 126,62 points (- 2,34 %) - to 5292,03 points, German DAX - on 192,3 points (- 3,36 %) - to 5538,33 points, French CAC 40 - on 117,3 points (- 3,59 %) and was closed on a mark 3148,53 points, Swiss SMI - on 171,87 points (- 3,11 %), having made 5359,67 points, Amsterdam AEX - on 7,53 points (- 2,56 %), to 286,43 points. The Pan-European index of blue counters FTSEurofirst 300 during the auctions has decreased on 2,54 % and has made 948,63 points.