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The Ministry of Finance of Great Britain: not far off

the Minister of Finance of Great Britain George Osborn has declared growth Renewal on September, 2nd that the economy of its country amazed with recession has got healthy, though the government also has not accepted all necessary measures for its stimulation. Many decisions frankly are late, - the official in interview CNN recognised.
According to J. Osborna, the banks, getting support from the government, should stimulate small-scale business crediting. The official has suggested to create financial institution which problems would include the help to small private enterprises.
J. Osborn belongs to number of the most criticised British ministers. To the official put by sight the termination of economic growth fixed last 6 months. To change the financial policy, considerably having reduced budgetary expenditure and having lowered taxes member of the same party Dzh offers. Osborna David Devis.
the Prime minister of Great Britain David Kemron on - former trusts the minister. At the same time evil tongues say that resignation of the politician not far off.
the Minister of Finance answers the critics that the economy is on the right track. To expect that the exit from recession will occur quickly - naivety, warns J. Osborn.
Despite proceeding recession, a credit rating of Great Britain under the version of all three big agencies which are engaged in its estimation, remains at level AAA. At the same time, Fitch and Moody`s give to economy of the Connected kingdom the negative forecast.