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Gold-domed - on sale

C in Moscow the first ground auction has taken place. Which has brought in at once to treasury the income at a rate of 310 - and thousand dollars. The site has been sold for such sum to investors under supermarket building. On it has informed on a press - conferences the first deputy of the chairman of the Moscow ground committee Nadezhda Kuprijanova. The site under shopping centre erection in Zelenograd a total area of 2440 square metres was got by firm Open Company Gil - Gel . On auction conditions, site development should occur within a year. According to Hope Kuprijanovoj, present auction became demonstration of the new accurate scheme of carrying out of auctions, which razrabdotali the Moscow ground committee and the Moscow auction house . In total till the end of 2000 - ogo year at similar auctions all will be offered under development of 13 ground areas, located in Zelenograd. After that the ground committee of capital will look, what difference with development of these sites and what have transferred in long-term rent and then will definitively solve will be, what way of operation of the earth is more favourable to a city. taking into account that the city earths make only 2 % from all earth in Moscow, it is not necessary to hurry up with the further land selling in capital the chairman of ground committee Victor Damurchiev has declared. In spite of the fact that the auction form of sale basically is more favourable to the capital authorities, at its introduction on - former many opponents including in the ranks of the most Moscow government which are afraid that this innovation will bring in landed property structure in Moscow of more chaos, than an order.