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Fight with terrorism: 50 accounts

the Government of the USA Are frozen does the big successes in struggle against the international terrorism, the president George Bush has declared, addressing to employees of Federal Agency on emergency situations in Washington.
among other merits of the American authorities the president has especially noted successes in struggle against financial sources of terrorism. Under Bush`s certificate, from the moment of acceptance of the USA decisions on freezing of bank accounts physical and the legal bodies connected with the terrorist organisations, in the world 50 bank accounts of the organisations accused of communications with terrorists have been blocked. From them 30 accounts are frozen in the USA.
it is necessary to notice that not only the USA combat financiers of terrorists. So, the authorities of Great Britain have frozen about 90 million dollars on accounts of the organisations connected with movement the Taliban and Osama bin Laden. The British Minister of Finance Gordon Brown has informed on it at annual conference of the ruling Labour party.
he has underlined that these means which are on accounts of the London branch of the European bank, cannot be used now terrorists and their helpers. German chancellor Gerhard Schroder, representing itself as the visitor at conference of labourites, has urged Europe to create an united front against the international terrorism. He has noticed that it is a question not of struggle of one culture against another, and about struggle for preservation of the general culture of the whole world.