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In Russia the currency market remains stable

Today experts analyzed in interview a course of the currency auctions on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange. In the general opinion, the special reasons for serious change of a situation in the currency market while are not present. The foreign factors influencing a course, has not appeared, and within several days the situation does not change: quotations smoothly change within levels 29,40 - 29,47 roubles for dollar.
in the market on - former considerable client purchases are observed. Thus it is visible that last days the Central Bank place was occupied with big banks which it is obstinate stood on sale, without letting out a dollar exchange rate above a mark of 29,46 roubles for dollar.
therefore in connection with a current situation it is not necessary to expect essential course changes of dollar, and in the days which have remained till the end of month it will keep approximately at the same levels, as now, experts believe.
In a present situation very many will depend on availability of rouble means in the interbank market. Therefore dynamics of a course will be supervised, but operators on - former will attentively observe of actions of large sellers and to wait for the certain signs, allowing to judge that in the present conditions of value of a course come nearer to levels after which overcoming the course really will start to raise.