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Russia will not refuse arms supplies to Iran

Iran - the partner of Russia, and Russia does not intend to refuse arms supplies in this country, has declared today on a press - conferences the assistant to the president of the Russian Federation Sergey Yastrzhembsky. In the world market of arms there is a competition, and we are not lonely in arms supplies to Teheran - Yastrzhembsky has underlined.
the assistant to the president does not see the contradiction that Russia supports the USA in carrying out of antiterrorist operation and delivers the weapon to Iran. At the same time he has specified that at Russia along with obligations with which she does not intend to eat and rigid restrictions on arms supplies to Iran.
today in Moscow have passed negotiations of the Minister of Defence and support of armed forces of Iran Ali Shamhani and Ministers of Defence of Russia Sergey Ivanov. According to the head of military department of our country, Russia and Iran should develop cooperation on struggle against the international extremism, terrorism and drug-dealing.
he has noticed that Moscow and Teheran in common work for a long time over counteraction to the international terrorism and drug-dealing. According to the Minister of Defence of Russia, not a secret that Afghanistan became for a long time already base for the international terrorists and drug dealers. Thereupon the special attention at negotiations has been given situation discussion in Afghanistan.