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In capital the tax to cars

the Moscow municipal duma raises has accepted today in the first reading the bill About the transport tax . The law should come into force since January, 1st, 2003. As have informed in Moscow City Council, on project completion it is taken away five days.
It is supposed that tax rates on the most widespread categories of cars will increase on the average in 1,3 times, cargo - in 1,1 times. Rates are established according to capacity of the engine or gross tonnage of a vehicle counting on one horsepower, 1 register ton or vehicle unit.
in March of this year the government of the Russian Federation has approved entering into the Tax code of new chapter the Transport tax extending on owners of vehicles and replacing earlier operating taxes according to laws on the tax to property of physical persons and about road funds. At federal level frame restrictions of the new tax (for example, on the engine by capacity to 100 horsepowers (l are established. With.) the limiting rate - 10 roubles for 1 l. With.) And further subjects of the Russian Federation define privileges and the differentiated rates for each category of tax bearers. As declared then the first deputy of the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Sergey Shatalov, developers of the bill recognised that at calculation of the sum of the tax regions will put 50 % from the greatest possible rate, that is citizens will pay on 5 roubles for each horsepower. As from 19 million cars which Russians own, 18,7 million have capacity to 100 l. With., for the marks most popular in Russia the tax sum will make 320 - 350 roubles a year.
as a matter of fact, all has turned out how predicted in the Ministry of Finance. Capital legislators have decided that the rate of the tax for cars with capacity of the engine from 70 to 100 l. With. Will make 5 rbl. from each horsepower, from 100 to 150 l. With. - 10 rbl., from 150 to 200 l. With. - 15 rbl., from 200 to 250 - 20 rbl., over 250 l. With. - 30 rub with everyone l. With. Motorcycles and motor scooters with capacity of the engine to 20 l. With. Are taxed in 3 rbl. from each horsepower, from 20 to 35 l. With. - 6 rbl., over 35 l. With. - 15 rbl. the Rate of the tax for lorries with capacity of the engine to 100 l. With. Will make 6 rbl. from each horsepower, from 100 to 150 l. With. - 10 rbl., from 150 to 200 l. With. - 15 rbl., from 200 to 250 l. With. - 20 rbl., over 250 l. With. - 25 rub with everyone l. With. Owners of planes, helicopters and other aircrafts having engines, will pay on 25 rbl. for horsepower.
According to the bill, object of the taxation cars, motorcycles, motor scooters, buses both other self-propelled cars and mechanisms on pneumatic and caterpillar to a course, planes, helicopters, steam-ships, yachts, sailing vessels, boats, snowmobiles, the snowmobile, motor boats, hydrocycles, not self-propelled (towed) vessels both other water and air vehicles admit. Are not object of the taxation veselnye boats, motor boats with the engine capacity not over 5 l. With., the cars equipped for invalids, trade sea and river crafts, passenger and cargo sea, river and the aircrafts finding in the property of the organisations which carry out passenger and freight traffic, tractors, self-propelled combines of all marks and the special motor vehicles used for manufacture of agricultural production, planes and helicopters of sanitary aircraft and a health service.
tax payment should be made by tax bearers in the location of vehicles in time not later than November, 15th of year of the tax period. Heroes of Soviet Union and Russia, the citizens are released from tax payment, the awarded the order Glories of three degrees, owners of cars with capacity of the engine to 70 l. With., and also the organisations rendering services in transportation of passengers, except a taxi.
the Bill About the transport tax provides law cancellation About the rates of the tax raised in road funds from May, 31st, 2000, and the law About rates of taxes to property of physical persons from October, 24th, 2001.
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