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To pay for the electric power it will be possible in supermarkets

Open Society Mosenergo plans during two - three months to introduce system of calculations for the electric power in supermarkets of Moscow.
on it today has informed on a press - conferences the assistant to the general director Mosenergo on sale and work with consumers Vitaly Kuzmin. As he said, approach of a place of payment to consumers is one of three directions of improvement of quality of service. Now negotiations with some Moscow supermarkets are carried on, however the representative of the power company has refused to inform, with which.
Vitaly Kuzmin also has reminded that till the end of the year Mosenergo plans to extend to all areas of capital the new scheme of payment of the electric power. In particular, payment of the average level of power consumption and the further recalculation on monthly results or is provided year. Now the similar scheme operates only in the Central administrative district of Moscow.
in a course a press - conferences the theme of creation of the company " has been mentioned; mosgorenergo . We will remind, in the end of September authorities of the capital have made the decision on creation of the state unitary enterprise of a city of Moscow the Moscow city power marketing enterprise ( mosgorenergo ) Which primary activity declares realisation of sale to consumers of electric energy.
as Vitaly Kuzmin, " has declared today; Mosenergo will co-operate with mosgorenergo in the event that problems with a substantiation of tariffs will be settled. According to the representative Mosenergo the basic problem of cooperation with mosgorenergo are correct tariffs for transportation and electric power realisation . If at mosgorenergo there will be a possibility to deliver the electric power at lower prices, Mosenergo risks to lose the clients. Thus, as the tariff for transportation is established by the regional power commission, there is a probability of that it for mosgorenergo will be more low, than for Mosenergo . If we find understanding in the decision of these problems we are ready to co-operate - Vitaly Kuzmin has summed up.
a management Mosenergo believes that now tariffs for the electric power economically are not proved: for separate categories of consumers (the population, the budgetary organisations, underground) they are underestimated, and it is necessary to overpay to industrial consumers. In particular, for the industry the well-founded tariff makes 71 copeck for 1 kw/ ch while actually industrial enterprises pay the electric power at the price of 85 - 90 copecks for 1 kw/ ch.
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