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Russia does not have not enough money for struggle against AIDS

At All-Russia meeting passing in Suzdal on HIV problems - infections, AIDS and hepatitises on Wednesday the unfavourable data has been published. As appears from the report of experts of the Russian federal centre on preventive maintenance and struggle against AIDS, in Russia it is registered 214 thousand HIV - infected.
according to NTV, the greatest alarm in doctors is caused by that fact that on 90 % it is addicts, and 75 % from them - young men from 14 till 29 years. On - former the highest gain of patients in Moscow and Moscow Region, and also Irkutsk, Samara, Ulyanovsk, Perm, Orenburg areas.
according to the academician V.Pokrovsky to change a situation to physicians absence of means does not allow. At meeting in particular it was noticed that Brazil, for example, spends for treatment and preventive maintenance of AIDS over 600 million dollars. Russia - only 7 million. As a result in Brazil already have managed to break a situation to the best. At us the number of the diseased continues to grow - has declared V.Pokrovsky.
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