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The representative of Indonesia

the New president of the OPEC becomes the president of the OPEC there is a minister of oil of Indonesia to Purnomo Jusgiantoro, informs DJ Newswires. It will enter the post on January, 1st, 2004 Now the president of the OPEC is the minister of oil of Qatar Abdalla ben Hamad al - Attijja.
However the secretary general of the organisation for the present is not selected. At last summit of the OPEC which has taken place on September, 24th in Vienna, members of cartel and could not be defined with a nominee.
representatives of Iran, Qatar and Venezuela applied for a post of the new secretary general. Elections of the new secretary general were carried out by the ballot, however any of candidates has not collected necessary quantity of votes. Powers of the operating secretary general Alvaro Silva expire on January, 1st 2004.
Yesterday the minister of oil of Iran Bidzhan Zangani has initiated to make a post of the secretary general of the OPEC not elective, but replaced. The Iranian minister of oil has offered, that the secretary general of the OPEC was not selected, and appointed, and then with periodicity in three years serial rotation on this post of the representative of each of 11 countries - participants of the OPEC was carried out.