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Russia is ready remit a debt Iraq

Russia can to support the initiative of France about write-off of half of amount of debt of Iraq. It at an annual meeting of IMF and the World bank was declared by Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin.
according to the head of the Russian financial department, this idea one more country, from the very beginning opposing military supports also operations in Iraq. However certain doubts in expediency of write-off of half of Iraq debt at Russia nevertheless are.
the most difficult that round Iraq there was a big uncertainty - Alexey Kudrin has told about it. debt write-off by the Parisian club is the decision based on trust in advance rendered by the countries. And if the conflict in Iraq proceeds, it will be very difficult for winning, so we should find additional ways of the decision of these questions (on debts). We are interested in the fast permission of a situation with debts of Iraq - the minister has added.
the debt of Iraq to the world community makes 120 billion dollars. The debt of Iraq to Russia makes about 8 billion dollars.
it is interesting that earlier with offers to Russia to write off the Iraq debt time and again the United States addressed.