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Exxon Mobil has started to extract oil and gas on Sakhalin

Corporation Exxon Mobil today officially declared the beginning of oil recovery and gas within the limits of the project Sakhalin - 1 has informed in Southern - Sahalinske the president of affiliated company Exxon Mobil Ekson Neftegaz Limited (the operator of the project Sakhalin - 1 ) Stephen Terni.
As he said, the initial stage of the project provides oil recovery on a deposit of Chajvo in 6,3 thousand volume t a day, and by the end 2006. The extraction volume will grow to 33 thousand t. A day. Gas production at the first stage will make 1,7 million cubic metres with the subsequent increase to 7 million cubic metres a day.
according to S.Terni, the first oil and gas will be delivered to the Far East. In the future, with increase in volumes of extraction, it is planned to carry out also deliveries of gas and oil for export. It has reminded that on September, 26th of this year the company declared signing of the contract on sale of natural gas to consumers of Khabarovsk territory ( Habarovskenergo and Habarovskrajgaz ) Which will buy gas according to the contract in volume to 1 mlrd cubic m a year. The increase in volumes of deliveries to 3 mlrd is provided by cubic m. thus, S.Terni has underlined that to 2010. The increase in deliveries will depend on possibility of transportation of gas to Khabarovsk territory which will carry out on a gas pipeline belonging Rosneft (the shareholder of a consortium).
S.Terni also has informed that Exxon Mobil has constructed from a deposit of Chajvo to a gas pipeline Rosneft connecting thread, extent of 17 km and capacity to 3 mlrd a cube of m of gas. The company does not plan to build factory on manufacture szhizhennogo natural gas (SPG) as considers that the way of delivery of gas on a gas pipeline is more effective.
as to oil, that, according to S.Terni, oil extracted at the initial stage also will be realised in the Russian home market. To the middle 2006. When building end nefteotgruzochnogo terminal De - Castries and the oil pipeline is planned, oil sale on the international markets will begin. At this S.Terni has noticed that for the company it is more preferable to sell both oil and gas in nearby regions i.e. in the countries Asian - Pacific region, Japan, China, Korea as it will essentially reduce expenses for transportation. He also has noticed that the company invested more than 200 million dollars in development of Sakhalin.
at the solemn ceremony devoted to the beginning of oil recovery in frameworks Sakhalin - 1 there was also head Minpromenergo Victor Khristenko, the governor of Sakhalin Ivan Malakhov, president NK Rosneft Sergey Bogdanchikov, the Minister of Energy of India Attract Shankar Ajjar, and also representatives of US State department.
the company Ekson Neftegaz Limited is the operator of international Konsor - tsiuma Sakhalin - 1 - One of the largest projects in Russia with direct foreign investments. Partners in a consortium are: Exxon Mobil - 30 %, a consortium SODEKO (Japan) - 30 %, the state oil company ONGK Videsh of Ltd. (India) - 20 %, affiliated companies gosudarstven - ache the oil company Rosneft - RN - the Aster (8,5 %) and Sahalinmorneftegaz - the Shelf (11,5 %). The size of investments will make more than 12,8 mlrd dollars Potential taken stocks under the project Sakhalin - 1 make 307 million t oil (2,3 mlrd oil barrels) and 485 mlrd cubic m of gas (17,1 trln cubic foots of gas).