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FST has raised the prices for tickets in cars with reserved seats for 20 %

Board of Federal Agency of tariffs (FST) the decision on increase in tariffs for transportation of passengers in reserved seat and general cars of trains of distant following on 2013 has made.
According to the order cost of tickets in such cars increases on the average by 20 %. The Same order establishes the periods, in which prices for tickets will grow or decrease according to confirmed FST in factors.
in particular, on 20 % more than mid-annual level tickets for the trains going to a way from June, 8 till June, 12th, from July, 13th till September, 2nd and 29 - on December, 30th 2013 will cost.
On 15 % tickets for the trains going from June, 29th till July, 12th and 27 - 2013 will cost on December, 28th more expensively. On 10 % - tickets for the trains going from March, 7 till March, 10th, from June, 13 till June, 28th, from September, 3 till September, 30th, from November, 1 till November, 4th and from December, 21 till December, 26th 2013. On 5 % - tickets for the trains going from April, 30th till May, 7th and from May, 10th till June, 7th 2013.
On 25 % tickets for the trains going from February, 15th till March, 6th and from March, 11th till April, 27th will more cheaply manage to passengers.
on 17 % tickets for the trains going from February, 1 till February, 14th will cost more cheaply. On 10 % - tickets for the trains going from October, 1 till October, 31st and from November, 5th till December, 20th.
- on May, 9th, it will be possible to buy tickets for the trains going to a way 8 at half price.
thus, the mid-annual tariff will operate only one in day - on December, 31st 2013. Within 192 days tariffs will be below mid-annual level, and within even 172 days - above it.
In Open Society message the Russian railways it is especially noticed that action of new tariffs will come into force only after registration of order FST of Russia by the Ministry of Justice and its publication in to the Russian newspaper . And until then tickets in reserved seat and general cars of trains of the distant following, going after January, 1st 2013., will be on sale under the mid-annual tariff 2012.
For example, today tickets can be bought on the trains which are starting on the journey not later than January, 18th 2013.
we Will remind that reserved seat, general cars and in cars with places for sitting 1, 2 and 3 classes of trains of distant following 800 - j numberings are an adjustable segment in sphere of distant passenger transportations, and tariffs for them are defined by the state in the name of FST.
Tariffs for transportation of passengers in compartment cars and class cars lux are established by the Federal passenger company independently, since January, 1st 2013. Tickets in these cars will rise in price for 5 %.
And here tariffs for transportations of passengers in cars SV in 2013. Will not be indexed - tickets in them will be on sale at the old price.
according to the same order FST cost The additional services connected with transportation of passengers by rail (linen, tea and etc.) And also luggage transportation will grow in 2013. On 10 %.
In the middle of October the head of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation Anton Siluanov declared that considers reasonable to rise the price for tickets in cars with reserved seats of trains of distant following for 20 % a year within the next three years. We will remind that earlier the vice-president of Open Society the Russian railways (Russian Railway) Michael Akulov has declared that from - for changes of rules of granting of grants for passenger transportations fare in such cars for the passengers who do not have privileges, already in 2013. Can grow on 60 %.
Really, at once it would be too sharp. We speak: let`s increase cost of transportation no more than by 20 % a year - A.Siluanov has told to journalists, having noticed that in this case tickets will rise in price for 60 % to 2015.
Experts consider that the rise in prices for reserved seat tickets will seriously strike on needy categories of citizens.
At us about 80 % of Russians concern poor levels of population which presume a trip on a long distance only in the reserved seat or general car, - the director of Institute of problems of globalisation Michael Deljagin speaks. - Reserved seats in many respects promotes maintenance of social communications in the country, unites people and pulls together regions. Reduction of grants will lead to fare increase in a car with reserved seats, cancellation of trains and to growth of social intensity .