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5 companies already apply for working out of the Imilorsky deposit

Open Society LUKOIL Open Society Rosneft Open Company the Status (under control to Gazprombank), Open Society Gazprom oil and Open Society Surgutneftegaz have submitted application forms for participation in auction on the Imilorsky deposit in Hunts - Mansijsky autonomous region (HMAO - Jugra), were informed by the minister of natural resources Sergey Donsky.
application forms for participation in auction are accepted till December, 7th. According to S.Donsky, the deposit for participation in auction have already paid Rosneft and LUKOIL. Single payment for participation in auction chairman of board of directors AFK " makes 25,4 mlrd rbl.
Earlier today; System (the basic shareholder Bashnefti ) Vladimir Yevtushenkov has informed that the company Bashneft will not participate in auction on the Imilorsky deposit, but does not exclude partnership with the winner.
in the meantime in the end of November the president of LUKOIL Vahid Alakbarov has informed journalists that the company will take part in auction on the given deposit. on Imilorsky we will precisely participate - V.Alekperov has noted.
auction on the Imilorsky deposit is appointed to December, 25th 2012. Representatives of the Ministry of natural resources and ecology of Russia declared that wait for a high competition.
it is necessary to notice that practically in the same structure demands for other strategic deposits - Boat and to it have been submitted. SHpilmana. So, to participation in the auctions on the Boat deposit (auction is appointed to December, 11th) in Krasnoyarsk region are admitted Rosneft Surgutneftegaz Open Company samotlorneftegaz ( a daughter The multinational corporation - VR) and the company the Status . The starting size of single payment on a site of bowels of the federal value, including the Boat deposit, makes 3,585 mlrd rbl. On participation in auction on a site of bowels of the federal value, including a part of a deposit it. SHpilmana (Severo - Rogozhnikovsky) in HMAO, have submitted demands Rosneft Surgutneftegaz Gazprom oil and the Status (Gazprombank structure). Auction will take place on December, 18th, single payment makes 14 mlrd rbl.
On the state balance of minerals of the Russian Federation on deposits Imilorsky, Western - Imilorsky and Istochnoe as of January, 1st 2011. Following stocks of oil are considered: geological - 287,372 million t (on category 1) and 568,087 million t (on category 2), taken - 66,278 million t (on category 1) and 127,404 million t (on category 2).
Earlier a deputy head of Federal agency on nedropolzovaniju (Rosnedra) Igor Plesovsky informed that with exhibiting to auction of strategic oil fields - Imilorsky (193 million t oil), of V.I.Shpilmana and boat (stocks - 43 million t oil and 70 mlrd the cubic m of gas) - in Russia will come to the end an epoch of the major fields opened in Soviet period. He has noticed that from large sites, except set forth above, in Russia already can be exposed nothing on auctions.