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D.Medvedev has entrusted migrants alcohol

Foreign workers in 2013. Will be admitted in retail trade in alcoholic drinks, including beer. The corresponding decision was signed by the prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev.
next year the quota on such workers will make 25 % from an aggregate number of employees of trade enterprise against 0 % during the current year.
as to quotas on foreign workers in other spheres of retail trade they will not change. So, in trade in the pharmaceutical goods, in tents and in the markets, and also in other retail trade out of shops they, as well as during the current year, will make 0 %.
that trading networks will soon acquire the right officially to employ labour migrants, it was informed in October. During the governmental commission under the direction of the first vitse - prime minister Igor Shuvalov to the Ministry of Labour and employment was entrusted for developing corresponding standard - the legal certificate.
we Will notice that the interdiction for attraction of migrants has been entered into trading networks five years ago. As a result retejlery have been compelled to employ guest workers at the foreign companies on outsourcing, however last year Federal migratory service (FMS) the beginnings actively to punish networks for similar actions. After that retejlery have attended to protection of own rights to attraction of foreign labour and have submitted some claims to FMS, however not all decisions have been accepted in favour of trading networks.
as it was told in letter AKORT to the minister of the industry and trade to Denis Manturovu, dated by the end of September 2012., economically active population does not consider work in retail trade attractive and agrees on such offer only in extreme cases. Russians consider frequently given work as time that proves to be true the highest tekuchkoj shots. In the document necessity of introduction 25 - a percentage quota on foreign workers is proved.
In the end 2011. AKORT addressed for support in the government, insisting on cancellation of zero quotas on attraction of the foreign personnel. In November 2011. The association has received the answer in which officials of Minzdravsotsrazvitija recognised practice of attraction of foreign workers under contracts of outsourcing lawful.