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In Russia there will be a five-thousandth banknote

Bank of Russia plans in 2005. To let out a banknote face value of 5 thousand rbl. About it the first deputy of the chairman of Bank of Russia Arnold Vojlukov has informed today at a briefing. As he said, experts of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation now work over creation of this banknote.
A.Vojlukov has noticed that release of a banknote of the big face value will give economy to Bank of Russia in connection with the smaller cost price, however release of the given banknote demands also increase in degrees of its protection.
it has reminded that under the law the higher face value of a banknote should be no more than half of average minimum salary of the population. At the same time, A.Vojlukov considers what to let out banknotes of higher face value, than 5 thousand rbl., now the sense is not present .
Changes wait also old banknotes. Today the board of directors of Bank of Russia has made the decision on release in the reference, since the second half of the year 2004., banknotes of Bank of Russia of the sample 1997. Advantage 10, 50, 100, 500 and 1000 rbl. of new updating 2004., informs department external and public relations of Bank of Russia.
in the modified banknotes the basic composite decision of banknotes of a series 1997 is kept. The purpose of release of the modified banknotes is strengthening of a protective complex of the banknotes complicating a fake of monetary tickets of Bank of Russia, simplification of control of authenticity of banknotes the population.
the modified banknotes of Bank of Russia will be in circulation in parallel with operating banknotes of Bank of Russia of the sample 1997. Any exchange of banknotes it is not provided.
as A.Vojlukov has informed, the general circulation of the modified banknotes, their kind will change a little. The main changes will concern protective properties of banknotes. Among them A.Vojlukov has allocated three innovations. The first is tsvetoperemennyj moire (if a banknote to incline there are strips of other colour a little); The second - micropunching (if at a banknote to look at light there is a micropunching with face value of a banknote which becomes the laser. Micropunching will be on 100, 500 and 1000 - rouble denominations.)
As A.Vojlukov while such punching anywhere did not forge has noted. The third innovation - a diving thread (the golden thread comes to light banknotes, but on a gleam the brilliant thread disappears and appears black continuous). A.Vojlukov has noticed that on new banknotes there are 26 signs of protection which the Bank of Russia will present to the population in May - June 2004. We will remind that on the previous banknotes of such signs was nearby 22. The first vice-president of the Central Bank has reminded that there are also protective properties which will be known only to experts.
according to A.Vojlukova, an expense for manufacturing of the modified banknotes will increase approximately in 1,2 times. On the other hand, he has noted, increase a period of storage and references of the given banknotes - approximately in 1,3 - 1,5 times. It has reminded that now banknotes serve approximately 5 - 7 years, but thanks to new qualities of a paper from which will be is produced new banknotes, they will longer serve.
the First vice-president of Bank of Russia also has noticed that now false banknotes make the 100-th percent from all banknotes being in circulation. For January, 5th in Russia is in circulation 1 trln 239 mlrd rbl., accordingly about 100 million rbl. - false. The most forged banknotes advantage in 500 roubles, then go 100 roubles. The quantity of banknotes makes now 3,5 billion