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To the countries which have suffered from a tsunami will list nearby 4 mlrd dollars

the Declared help of the international community to the countries Jugo which have suffered from a tsunami - East Asia makes at present nearby 4 mlrd dollars, the assistant to the secretary general of the United Nations on humanitarian questions of Jan Egeland has informed today.
As he said, such figure has been reached including thanks to the contribution of Germany and Australia which have the day before declared intention to list to the suffered countries of 674 million dollars and 764 million dollars accordingly. Besides, large means are directed by Japan (500 million dollars), the USA (350 million dollars), Great Britain (95 million dollars) and Sweden (75,5 million dollars) .
J.Egeland also has noticed that the cumulative help of the United Nations directed to the help to 100 countries for all 2004., has made 5,8 mlrd dollars, informs AR.
the Secretary general of the United Nations Kofi Annan has addressed today to participants of the international summit in Djakarta, having urged the world community to allocate immediately 1 mlrd dollars for urgent works in the countries which have suffered from a tsunami on December, 26th 2004., transfers Bi - bi - si.
Now rescuers are at war in due course trying to prevent the further increase in quantity of victims of natural accident, K.Annan has underlined. In its opinion, a number saving and a recovery work in the countries of the suffered region cannot be stopped, in this connection means should be allocated immediately.
Besides, the international financial organisations are ready to give to the suffered states credits on favourable terms. So the management of the International currency fund (IMF) is ready to allocate to the countries which have suffered from a tsunami of the loan with a total sum 1 mlrd dollars
the Corresponding statement the head of IMF Rodrigo Rato on the threshold of the international summit which has opened today in Djakarta has made. He has declared that loans can be allocated within the limits of specially provided IMF of credits to the states injured with acts of nature.
the program on which the fund gives the emergency financial help to the countries which have suffered from flooding, earthquakes and hurricanes, differs softer conditions of returning of the credit. Such credits allow the states to minimise a damage for a gold and exchange stock and to cover losses from the short-term termination of export operations.
Besides, representatives of IMF have informed that government Shri - Lanki has already addressed in fund with the request to reconsider terms of repayment of their previous debt. SHri - Lanka also has requested of IMF of the emergency credit provided for the countries which has suffered from acts of nature. As the urgent help usually makes 25 % from the quota allocated in IMF to the given country the sum of the new credit of Shri - Lanki can make about 150 million dollars, informs Reuters.
we Will remind that the day before the Minister of Finance of Great Britain Gordon Brown has suggested to freeze an external debt of the countries Jugo - East Asia, suffered from a tsunami. Now he carries on negotiations with Ministers of Finance of the countries - participants G8 . It is supposed that thanks to this step the suffered countries can save some billions pounds a year. Besides, G.Brown has addressed to the World bank and the International currency fund with the offer to estimate a debt of the worried tsunami of the states and to consider possibility of write-off of a considerable part of debts.